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Alaskan and snow crab legs are the perfect dish for a private dinner for two or a large backyard barbeque. No matter what you are planning, you deserve to buy crab legs that are succulent and rich. How do you get quality seafood? You shop at the best place to buy crab legs! At Harbour House Crabs, we take the time to carefully select our crab legs to ensure the best quality and superior taste. All orders ship the same day and can be delivered nationwide. Our king crab and snow crab legs for delivery are available at all times of the year and are a popular choice for parties and large gatherings.

Why You Should Place a Live Snow Crab Delivery

When planning a meal for a holiday party or special occasion, you don’t always have the time or money to travel to the best places selling fresh crabs. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to scratch quality crustaceans from your list of ingredients. Simply place a live snow crab delivery online, and our experts will hand-select the best crabs for you. We’ll package them carefully to ensure they arrive safely at your doorstep. You’ll be able to prepare the crabs to your liking and enjoy their sweet, succulent flavor in your favorite crab recipes.


Your Quick Guide to Buying Crab Legs Per Pound

Our crab legs are available in different quantities, according to your preferences, so you can have just what you need. Choose from 3, 5, 10, or 20 pounds, depending on how many people you are serving.


How many crab legs per pound do you need for your meal? As a rule of thumb, you should get 1 to 2 pounds per person. If you want fresh snow crab legs for a side dish, you could get by with half a pound for each person. 

Where to Buy Crab Legs

Are you craving the succulent taste of fresh snow crab legs or 1 lb king crab legs? The best way to enjoy the sweet, tender crustacean meat is to buy crab legs online. We have king crab and snow crab legs available for delivery that are fresh, delicious, and sure to please. All of our crab legs come pre-cooked and can be served immediately along with soups and salads, or steamed and eaten alone.

Now that you know where to buy crab legs, you can focus on planning the perfect meal. Whether you choose to bake, boil, or steam crab legs, their undeniable taste will always ensure a satisfying and tasty meal.

How to Order Snow Crab Legs on Sale

We make it as simple as possible to place an order for snow crab legs on sale online. Find the type of crab you would like to order, choose between steamed or live, select your quantity, and hit “Add to Cart.” From here, you’ll be guided through our secure payment form. If you place your order before 3 PM Monday through Friday, we’ll be able to prepare your order on the same day. You’ll receive your snow crab legs online order within a day or two. This same ordering process applies to our 1 lb king crab legs as well.


If you run into any issues while trying to buy snow crab legs, you can contact us, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable crab specialists will be happy to assist you.

Get High-Quality Wholesale Crab Legs Online

Do you need to place a bulk order for king crab or snow crab legs? Let Harbour House Crabs be your source for fresh, succulent crab legs. We’ve been the go-to choice for many restaurants and seafood distributors for several decades and can make it easy to buy snow crab legs and more that will be sure to satisfy your customers.

Place a Snow Crab Legs Online Order Today

Take your celebratory meal or backyard barbecue to the next level with snow crab legs from Harbour House Crabs. We’re the best place to buy crab legs anywhere in the United States! Shop for premium crab legs today, and consider pairing them with crab cakes for sale or other selections from today’s deals!