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Colossal Dungeness Crab Leg Clusters

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Harvested fresh from the North Pacific and immediately frozen in clusters, our dungeness crab leg clusters can be prepared easily by baking, steaming, or boiling. Fully cooked and ready to be reheated. 3 LB includes approximately 4-6 clusters.


Note: We try to pack every order to keep the Snow Crab Clusters and Dungeness Crab Legs intact. Because they are both very brittle some of the clusters or legs might break in transit.

Dungeness crab legs are pre-cooked and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Our favorite it to steam them. To do this simply add 2 inches of water in the bottom of pot and bring to a boil. Place a basket into the pot and place your crab legs into the basket. Top with a lid and let the crabs steam for approximately 5-7 min. Remove from the pot, sprinkle Harbour House Crabs seasoning and serve. Snow crab legs are commonly served with melted butter and lemon wedges too.

Colossal Dungeness Crab Leg Clusters 

Dungeness crabs are one of the most coveted seafood delicacies in the world. Noted for their unique flavor and texture, these crabs have a sweet and succulent taste that can't be found anywhere else.

Harbour House Crabs offers an incredible selection of fresh, high-quality colossal Dungeness crab legs clusters, and our premium seafood is sourced straight from the ocean every single day. Whether you're looking for an easy family meal or ingredients to cook your own meal for a special occasion, our seafood options provide unbeatable flavor and quality.

Every item at Harbour House Crabs comes with our company's guarantee of freshness and taste, so you can rest assured that you're getting only the best. Order colossal Dungeness crab leg clusters for delivery today and taste the difference for yourself!

Buy Dungeness Crab Leg Clusters Online

Want the freshest-tasting crab legs? Look no further than our colossal Dungeness crab legs, shipped straight to your door! Our customers love the slightly sweet taste and delicate flavor of this decadent meal. Plus, each cluster comes in perfectly-sized sections, so you can enjoy them with family or friends.

3-12 LB Dungeness Crabs Legs

Harvested fresh from the North Pacific and immediately frozen in clusters, our Dungeness crab leg clusters can be prepared easily by baking, steaming, or boiling.

Our high-quality Dungeness crab legs come in various sizes and weights. With options available for each crab's weight, you can order a 12-lb feast for the whole family or customize your serving size to your liking. We offer three, six, nine, and 12-lb packages.

Fresh Colossal Dungeness Leg Clusters from the North Pacific

North Pacific crab legs are widely considered some of the tastiest and most enjoyable crab legs in the world. Each crab is rich in nutrients and vitamins that provide great benefits to your diet. They can be enjoyed steamed, boiled, or grilled for an unforgettable flavor experience. Try them today!

Ingredients & Recipes for Colossal Dungeness Crab Legs

When you buy Dungeness crab legs, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can create in the kitchen! You can purchase raw Dungeness crab clusters or buy pre-cooked meat that you can easily serve hot or cold. And with our affordable colossal Dungeness crab leg clusters shipping, it’s never been easier to enjoy a special treat any time of the year. Try these recipe ideas with your North Pacific crab legs, and make sure to check out our food prep instructions;

Amazing Appetizers

Dungeness crab legs make the perfect appetizer because they have a slightly sweeter flavor than other crab species. Buy Dungeness crab legs online and whip up crab meat dip, crab toast with avocado, or a crab cocktail.

Stupendous Sides

Ordered a larger seafood delivery? Enjoy crab bisque, crab mac and cheese, or crab tapas as an appealing side dish on the dining table. And since we pack and ship the highest-quality Dungeness crab clusters for sale online, you can place an order from anywhere, anytime!

Marvelous Main Courses

Want to cook Dungeness crab legs for your main course? There are many different ways to prepare Dungeness crab meat as a main dish, including but not limited to baked, steamed, or boiled Dungeness crab legs, crab cakes, crab tortellini, and many more.

Why Buy Colossal Dungeness Crab Leg Clusters From Us?

Countless satisfied customers agree: Harbour House Crabs is the best place to buy colossal Dungeness crab leg clusters online, hands down! Here’s why so many people buy Dungeness crab legs from Harbour House:

Fresh, High-Quality Seafood — Every Time!

Don't waste time shopping anywhere else. If you don't agree that we sell the freshest-tasting crab legs you'll ever eat, we'll always make it right! We ship raw and pre-cooked Dungeness crabs fresh in dry ice, protecting the frozen packages against temperature damage during shipping.

Countless Seafood Options

Interested in other wild-caught seafood besides Dungeness colossal clusters? We have what you're looking for, from snow crab clusters to gigantic Alaskan king crab legs and everything in between.

Great Prices

We take pride in offering incredible seafood options at incredible prices. And that includes shipping, too! We make colossal Dungeness crab leg clusters shipping affordable, no matter where you are in the United States.

Get a Colossal Dungeness Crab Leg Cluster Delivery to Your Home Today!

Want to enjoy Dungeness crabs, king crabs, snow crabs, or blue crabs shipped right to your doorstep? Place an order today and bring the salty breeze and ocean scent right to your kitchen with our fresh and delicious seafood options and free shipping opportunities. We hope to hear from you soon!