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Testimonials - Harbour House Crabs Reviews

Testimonials - Our "Crabby" Customers Say It Best...


"You guys rocks!!!!  I grew up in Delaware.  My best friend and I would either go crabbing or buy a bushel of blue crabs twice a summer.  We would sit outside in my backyard and eat crabs all day!  It was something we just did.  It was fun and something I always wanted to do again.  Life takes strange turns and I found myself in Michigan.  My favorite food was not available here.  I always told my wife, “The one thing I really miss is blue crabs.”  One birthday, about ten years ago, my wife found a restaurant that had blue crabs on their menu.  We visited, but I was sorely disappointed.  The crabs were pre-steamed, then frozen.   The meat did not taste nearly as good as I remembered.   I vowed that one day, I would get fresh-live blue crabs, steam them myself, and enjoy what I had not had since 1998.   

I had been visiting your site for years, loading up the cart, then not ordering because something always came up.   This year was different.  I loaded up the cart, and checked out!   I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.   Then Christmas day came!   My two-dozen jumbo live blue crabs arrived on-time and alive!   In fact, you shipped 28 crabs!  Only two expired!  The rest were feisty and ready for the steamer!   My wife, my brother-in-law, his family, and myself were treated to something I only dreamed about—delicious blue crabs!   

Thank you for helping me relive my youth!  It was very special.  I will be doing this again, soon! 

Thank you, Harbour House Crabs!"

Scott (Hartland, Michigan) 


DELICIOUS! They arrived on time and were a big hit! Called customer service to help with a tracking number and they were great. Thanks very much - we'll be ordering again soon!!

DeAnna (Baton Rouge, LA)


This was our 5th time ordering from you. Best. Crab. Ever... Keep it up, we will be ordering again soon!!!

Kev and Steph (Meridian, ID)


Hello Harbour House Crabs! Your crabs brought me to tears! When the lid came off that perfectly packed box and the seasonings hit my nose I was transported back to MD (down the oshun, hon) where we ate crabs, shrimp and corn on the cob, washed down with tons of ice cold light beer! It made my hubbys birthday extra special. The poor man, being a CA native, has never experienced REAL crab (I mean dungeoness? Puh-lease!) So with a few props (I call them virgin crab eater necessities) like a bib and crab claw boppers, He had a very special dinner from across the country...amazing! Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are a few...You are the best and we will be ordering will family and friends in Hernando Fla, and Prescott AZ! THANK YOU FROM SAN DIEGO!

Beth and Tim (San Diego, CA)


I placed the order on shipped it on arrived on Friday in perfect condition. We had the steamer ready and we spent the next hour feasting on the luscious, heavenly meaty crabs. My husband hates the fact that I dip them in melted butter but it was fun. We peeled and ate those huge shrimp while waiting for the crabs. Then on Saturday we had another great noon-time meal with the rest. So not to provide great service and an even greater product!!! The crab cakes are in the freezer for a third meal. We are 73 years of age and look forward to ordering again

Nessa and Howie (Beverly Hills, FL)


I have been a customer of your crabs for years now. The crabs are always fantastic!

Theresa (Las Vegas, NV)


Hello my name is Bill and I am 43 years old. I was raised in Baltimore, Maryland I moved away when I was in 4th grade. We would always have crabs every weekend when I was young. Ever since I moved to New Jersey, we have had crabs but nothing like Maryland’s. I recently saw your ad and order them on 3/15/08. They were delivered very prompt and were out of this world. I have not had crabs like them since I was young. Thank you for the great crabs and you will be hearing from me very shortly and on occasion.

Bill (New Providence, NJ)


Good morning, your product and service was fabulous!! We ordered 1/2 bushel of large, and they were heavy and sweet. Ordering was easy and delivery was right on time (Saturday). We will be ordering again in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much.

Jack (Simsbury, CT)


We received our order Saturday. DELICEOUS, to say the least. We had our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren over. Added a little more stuffing to the crab cakes and made stuffed mushrooms. You were correct, barely enough stuffing to keep the crab cakes together. We had the shrimp cocktail. Your sauce was wonderful. The grands and son-in-law had never even seen a crab before. After the appetizers, we all dug in. WOW. Everyone loved the crabs. And the grands loved the idea of how to get the meat out. Needed no forks, just ate like cannibals. The grands want to know when we are having another CRAB celebration. They loved your crabs, we loved your crabs. Will we order again? Yes, yes, yes. I can't say it enough. GREAT CRABS.

Mrs. Joseph (Oxford, NY)


This was my first delivery of crabs and I have to say they were awesome!! They were fresh, delivered on time, packed full with meat and delicious. I will definitely order from you again in the near future. Thanks so much.

Debbie (Hamden, CT)


As always the crabs were great! l haven't been able to order lately because of a medical condition. My doctor finally, gave me the ok to go back on a regular diet and just in time for my birthday, so l ordered some heavyweights and some females, along with a few friends of mine. We enjoyed them very much along with some of our favorite beverages, on what turned out to be a nice hot sunny day. The two little cuts on my fingers from the shells, will remind me until they heal, of one of the best days I've had in a while, enjoying a nice day outside with friends eating crabs, and having a few beverages. Thanks a lot.

Floyd (Bloomfield, NJ)


This was about my seventh order and I must say, as usual they were FANTASTIC!!! I truly enjoyed my crabs. I can't say enough. I grew up eating blue crab in the northeast; I moved to the northwest where Dungeness crabs rule (not for me).....but nothing takes the place of blue crab, especially blue crab prepared by Harbour House. I want to continue to receive info for specials/sales because it's worth every cent I spend and will continue to place my order sit back and enjoy my crabs. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

Barbara (Seattle, WA)


The shipment was as usual on time and some of the best crabs we have ever had! Moving here to Kentucky we never thought about not being able to buy crabs locally, so for the first two years we had to come home to Maryland to enjoy the great taste of Maryland Blue Crabs, then we found "Harbour House Crabs" and we buy from you when ever we can! Thank you for the fast and easy ordering and shipping, it can not be any easier!

Jackie (Lebanon, KY)


As always, they were awesome. If it weren't for you, my husband and I would pack everything up and move back to Maryland just to be close to the seafood. But you make it possible for us to have the best of both worlds. We are your loyal customers until the end of time.

Jackie (Lebanon, KY)


I placed an order with you a few weeks ago. My crabs arrived around 11:30 am on Friday, which was a really great surprise. I thought they might arrive later in the day but by lunch time my husband had called to tell me the crabs were home waiting on me. I have to tell you, you made my day, my son’s day, and 5 of my friends/co-workers day. My family and several other families who shared in my crab feast moved to Huntsville, AL several months ago from the Washington DC area. Annapolis was a 15 min drive from my home in Mitchellville, MD. Maryland Crabs were a staple in our household. We would go across the Kents Narrows Island Bridge and eat at all the great restaurants there. So, when we got to Alabama and found out that crabs was a rarity we were not happy!!!! But Harbor House saved the day. BUT YOU MADE MY DAY AND SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE'S DAY... YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Look for an order from me at least once a month. I thought maybe a group of us could go in together and get a bushel next time. Oh, by the way, did I say the crabs were delicious? Well, they were. You helped 5 stressed out; relocated moms get off to a great weekend. There will be 5,000 + people moving to Huntsville, AL from the DC area in the next couple of years. I will tell as many of them as I can about your crabs. You have a buyer for life.

Melane (Madison, AL)


Harbor House Crabs were the best that we have ever received - Even better than some we have bought on Maryland's Eastern Shore while visiting. Every single jumbo crab was as ordered, uniform size and full of delicious crab meat. Every person who has bought steamed crabs has experienced some "light" ones. Not yours, every single crab was as ordered. Delicious!! We picked the last 4 crabs and my wife made a tasty crab soup. Expect more orders from Iowa - and around the country (as a professional recruiter who works nationally, I speak to lots of people). We are very happy with your crabs and will order more in the future. Thank you!

Bill (Park City, UT)


Wow! The crabs were delicious and full of meat! They were a big hit at our graduation party. Thank you so much!

Kawanda (Boulder, CO)


The order was a great hit. 1) Thanks for the email to suggest crabs for Mother's day. My mother in law sends a hug your way also. 2) Thanks for working with me when I ordered prematurely and than found something I thought would be better. 3) Thanks for the "excellent" customer service that you provide me with each & every time I order from you. The order arrived right on time; the crabs looked beautiful, once again the instructions were included (which came in handy. We were able to share with those who were sharing crab with us). We are already planning our next order. Delicious, Delightful, Wonderful! Just some of the words I can use to describe your company, your products & your service.

Jessica (Wyoming, Pa)


The crabs were fabulous as usual!!! Everyone always comments that the crabs I bring to the parties from HHC are the best! Thank you for the mallets too.

Christine (Pottstown, Pa)


What can you say, on time and excellent

Robert (Lothian, MD)


I would rate the whole process a 100+. From selecting to ordering, the shipping was exactly as stated the best part was enjoying the well prepared and delicious seafood. Looking forward to the next item's I try from your menu.

Nick (Independence, KY)


The crabs were excellent!! Your quality of service, as usual, is fabulous. Thank you.

Jackie (Valley Village, CA)


The crabs were AWESOME.... I have been wanting to try this for so long and I am so glad I finally tried the mail order. We love crabs so much that we will get in the car and drive south a couple of hours just to get our fill. With gas prices the way they are this new way of getting delicious crabs will save us time and money. Let me know when you get the SUPER Jumbo's. Thanks

Marguerite (Lower Gwynedd, Pa)


The hard shelled - steamed crabs were a delight. We were born in Baltimore - moved to Vermont 30 years ago and the one thing we missed was crabs. They were full of wonderful meat - just the way we remember them every time we come for a visit. I'm going to treat us to these great find as often as we can. Thanks so much for living up to the advertisement.

Barbra (Pittsford, VT)


I recently bought 1 Dozen Blue Crabs from Harbour House and all the way from the phone call from Curt, to them arriving on my door step was Excellent!!! I surprised my Boys with them, and every-one was heavy and fresh!! I will buy again from Harbour House, as the whole Experience was A++++ Excellent, Thank-you...



Dear Harbour House, Another perfect 10 for you guys (like I should have expected anything else! ;0) Our dear friends in AZ enjoyed a dozen of your fabulous crabs for a birthday. You guys rock! I’m thinking my Dad in Florida needs crab cakes for Fathers day, so you'll be hearing from me again soon. Thanks a bunch for mailing sheer bliss around the country! Cheers

Beth (Valley Center, CA)


The crabs were great, again! I sent them to my parents as a surprise....and they loved them. My mom grew up in Baltimore, so she knows good crabs! They throw a Crab Feast every summer and said they would recommend to all who ask! Thank you again!

Kellee (Huntington Beach, CA)


Everything was perfect with our order. These were actually the biggest crab cakes we have ever seen! Thank you so much Harbor House!

Tony (Niagara Falls, NY)


The food was an unbelievable hit! Thank you so much.

Dan (Sarasota, FL)


I just want to say that this was my second time ordering Maryland Blue Crabs from Harbour House Crabs and the crabs were GREAT!!!. I have ordered from other mail order crab companies in Maryland only to be very disappointed in the product, but Harbour House has restored my faith. They were delivered on-time and upon opening the box, they were neatly packaged and spiced just right. We heated them up and had a feast. Thank you so much. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, especially when Football Season starts

Steven (Coal Springs, FL)


THESE WERE THE BEST CRABS WE EVER EATEN!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING THAT EXTRA TOUCH AND CARE. WE WILL BE ORDRING AGAIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE! We are originally from Eastern Shore of MD and we grew up on crabs, since moving to GA we are very limited to REAL CRAB meat, so we have to order and have it shipped in. SO WE WILL BE CALLING AGAIN SOON! GOD BLESS YOU!

John (Morrow, GA)


I am totally pleased as usual ... From placing my order to getting my crabs...everything was excellent....The crabs were HUGE and delicious....I will always only order from Harbor House and will tell all my friends and family the best place to order seafood is from only 1 place and the 1 place is Harbor house for sure....Thank you for a GREAT meal....

Toni (Binghamton, NY)


Great job! No complaints. Crabs had meat and it was just enough. Thanks and I look forward in doing business with you in the future.

Keith (Oakland, TN)


Everything went as planned. Although this was my fist time ever making an internet Maryland Blue Crab order and shipping from Maryland to Texas--it was perfect. The process was simple, thorough, and straight forward. Curt was extremely knowledgeable and customer service oriented. Please thank him personally for me. My family enjoyed the crabs. Thanks so much for making our 4th of July a good one for out of town quests

James (San Antonio, TX)


Our order of crabs was great, great packing and great tasting! Tried others but you guys beat the rest hands down. We’ll be ordering again down the road. Thanks again, keep up the good work.

James (Key West, FL)


These were the best crabs my boyfriend and his mom ever had! They can't wait to order more.

Danyale (Ellicott City, MD)


I must first say that the crabs came on time and were packaged wonderfully. They were unpacked and placed in the fridge overnight. In the morning I placed them in half foil pans with tiny holes punched in the bottom so that the steam will come through to heat up the crabs. I had to transport the crabs 60 to our 23rd family reunion. We have a family reunion every other year and it has not been on the northeast coast in about 16 years so I really had to kick it up a notch. You can't come to New England and not have GREAT seafood. We had family members arrive from as far away as Zambia and Sweden as well as the west coast, and southern parts of the states. Well all I can say is that ALL of the Crabs 1 1/2 bushels were gone. Nothing but the shells. We ate the crabs at our seafood fest on Thursday July3,2008 and it has been 4 days and I am still getting phone calls and emails stating that the crabs were FANTASTIC and wanted to know where I got them from so I indeed have passed on the Harbour House information. I think that I am going to order me some for myself this weekend. Thanks so much for making my part of my 23rd Family Reunion easy and tasteful.

Kim (New Haven, CT)


The box of crab arrived at mid day. Perfect. They were chilled. It was wrapped very well. I transferred them to a cooler with ice I placed in baggies. I added some of those frozen blue things. 4 of us ate them over the course of three days. My husband finished the last 5 this morning! They were pretty meaty. The seasoning between traditional and heavy was perfect. I still have to clean the cooler. It's cold in there. So I'll get it done with the dinner dishes later. Thank you for your professional way of doing things! It is much appreciated. You guys do a great job! Keep up the good work! And thanks for the 2 wooden hammers. That was the first time you gave us those. I like that you have your name on them too!

Marilyn (Westminster, CO)


The order arrived around 11 am on Saturday. Box was in good condition; crabs were still cool inside. I heated the crabs for about 6 minutes as instructed and they were excellent! Good size and all heavy. Thanks for the excellent experience. Just like eating crabs back in Baltimore!

Steven (Rogers, AR)


Our order of crabs was awesome!! We had friends over that have never had Maryland Blues and got to not only share the experience with them, but I think they are addicted to them now too!!! The crabs were delicious and well seasoned, no complaints! Thanks for the amazing crabs, as always, and the memories that come with the fun of being able to have them sent to us, no matter how far away we are from Maryland!

Melissa (Carmel, IN)


I just must tell you how wonderful your soft shell crabs and the crab cakes that I ordered are. I am in heaven...and as soon as they are gone (I do not let anyone else near them), I will order some more interesting stuff. Thanks for being there for us west coast people who really have less then our share of good shell fish, despite being on the Pacific Ocean

Barbra (woodland Hills, CA)


This being our second order that we shared with 10+ friends was absolutely Wonderful!! We enjoyed our first order so much that we had to share it with our friends and now they have been bitten by our home town crabs. Your service has been Great and we look forward to our placing our next order in the near future because we forgot a few friends...

Sharon (Beaverton, OR)


The Jumbo Dinner for two was terrific. Having been a commercial fisherman (crabber) on the Chesapeake Bay (Tilghman Island) when I was young, I really didn’t expect the quality to be as good as it was! Each crab was large, fat, had two claws and the seasoning (Old Bay or We River I’m guessing), was great. Both my wife and I were surprised with the quality. The shrimp were huge but a little over cooked and the brownie was a nice finish to the dinner. We had the crab cakes yesterday (Sunday) for dinner and were again, pleasantly surprised with the amount of lump crabmeat and little or no filler, the way crab cakes should be….the packaging was done well and we could not have asked for a better product. We will pass the word to our friends, and will place additional orders in the future. Keep up the good work and the quality! Congrats

Les (Edmond, OK)


I have used you all twice. I sent crabs to my family in IND...........YES were so excited! Happy and they said the crabs were WONDERFUL........Thank you for being there!

Marcia (Washington, DC)


Excellent! Fresh, perfectly seasoned, cooked to perfection. We ordered 2 dozen of the heavyweights and each one lived up to the name. The only thing I could have asked for was doubling my order! In no time they were gone. Whatever you guys are going, keep it up.

Allen (Colts Neck, NJ)


Hello, crabs were the BEST ever. Thank you very much

Greg (Jermym, Pa)


The crabs were great. Even better than the "fresh" crabs we had in Virginia Beach a month ago! (At an actual "crab house") Thanks!

Brenda (Huron, OH)


Everything was great! Our daughter, Beth and her husband, John were visiting us in Blue Bell, PA from Geneva, Illinois and we had a crab fest complete with local white corn, tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive oil salad. Our son, Joe and other daughter, Katie joined us and as usual the crabs were outstanding! We ate on our back patio overlooking the pond and the par three third golf hole. Your service and great crabs never fail to satisfy

Joe (Blue bell, Pa)


My last order was FANTASTIC! I've always been a crab nut, and often ran crab traps and hand lines simultaneously so I could get maximum quality and quantities, but I have NEVER seen better, bigger, better cared for crabs in my life. Wonderful!

Paul (Richardson, TX)


I am so thankful a friend of ours told us about Harbor House. The soft shell crabs were absolutely WONDERFUL. Everyone enjoyed them... even have 3 left for tonight!

Madeline (Sun City, AZ)


What a delicious meal we had thanks to your services. The crabs arrived as requested and in superb condition. This is the second order I have placed with your company and would recommend it to anyone looking to create a memorable summer event - the outdoor crab feast!

Geoffrey (Mount Prospect, IL)


I was very happy with my crabs. I really appreciated after I placed my order for Live crabs, you called and explained that due to the real hot weather, there was a chance the crabs would arrive dead and recommended that I have them steamed before they where sent. You cooked them exactly how I wanted them and they where delicious and sweet. Once again thank you very much. You are a very caring company

Cheryl (Waterford, Ct)


Yummy, yummy, yummy. They were a central part of 21 of us celebrating my Dad's 86th Birthday Wednesday night! He's from Delaware and taught us all at an early age how to catch, cook and eat those "beautiful swimmers". We are traveling down to the Delaware shore soon where we can always buy them fresh, but I'm thinking I should have some delivered from your company instead because they are always so much better. More meat, less damage. I know with your product I'll always get my money's worth. Can't wait to get some more from you. The crab paper was beautiful too!

Mary (Scituate, MA)


Only one word to explain how the crabs were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James (Queen Creek, AZ) always. Thanks so much. Being from CA, I'm always a bit concerned about delivery and quality. However, they arrived on time and tasted fabulous. We do a crab boil every year. It's a wonderful treat for our CA friends and family who have never experienced this. Some say it's the highlight of their summer and they look forward to the annual invitation! Thanks for helping make our party a success.

Jill (Orange, CA)


Wow, I didn’t believe it I was worried and not sure of ordering food of any kind on line and being delivered at that, it was fresh good and on time for my desperate appetite in deed! I had moved down here from MD the land of blue crabs to North Carolina and here wasn’t a crab insight so I got on computer and got to looking and Harbour house pop up on Google for crab lovers and I cant even explain how satisfy I was and wanting more it was a treat of a life time it made my day and the shrimp were dynamite too!

Artulies (Winstonsalem, NC)



Nicolle (Thousand Oaks, Ca)


On a scale from 1-10, you guys are a freaking 100! Quality - Best and biggest crabs I have EVER had! My boys LOVED them! Thanks for making our weekend special!

Phillip (Bryant, AR)


We want to thank you. We love ordering from Harbour House Crabs. We had to change the ship to address and customer service made the change and was so nice. The shipment arrived in perfect condition. And we ordered 3 dozen medium, we know we got more crabs in the box. You were the hit of the party. We can't wait to order again, and we been telling everyone about 888-iluvcrabs.

Gretchen (Mason, OH)


The crabs were fabulous. Meaty and cooked with just the right amount of seasoning. I could not be happier!

Preston (Morristown, NJ)


As a good ole' Maryland Eastern Shore girl for thirty years, my sister was quite upset when her husband received a job transfer to Texas. Not only was she going to miss family and friends but also what makes the Eastern Shore special - the abundance of seafood throughout the year. Many weekends and family gatherings are spent enjoying crab feast, shrimp feast, oyster fritter sandwiches, steamed mollusks and more. What better way to help her celebrate her first birthday away from us??? A dozen delicious Maryland steamed crabs from your company!!!! She and her husband were pleasantly surprised when their package arrived and even more impressed with the quality of product. Thank you to all for helping to bring a little more brightness to her special day.

Teresa (Salisbury, MD)


Everything was fantastic. From the ease of ordering, to the timely shipment, to the best eating crabs I ever had.

Tom (Birmingham, AL)


Must say that you do a wonderful job. I have tried other companies that mail crabs but they can't compare to you. Your customer service is fantastic. I had a problem awhile back where Fed Ex was unable to deliver my package. I called and your customer service rep was able to track the package, tell me what the problem was and resolve my problem. The crabs are always delicious. They were steamed just right. My friends and family can't get enough. They have never tasted anything like this before. I thank you for your professionalism, great food and service.

Dawn (N Babylon, NY)


Must say that you do a wonderful job. I have tried other companies that mail crabs but they can't compare to you. Your customer service is fantastic. I had a problem awhile back where Fed Ex was unable to deliver my package. I called and your customer service rep was able to track the package, tell me what the problem was and resolve my problem. The crabs are always delicious. They were steamed just right. My friends and family can't get enough. They have never tasted anything like this before. I thank you for your professionalism, great food and service.

Dawn (N Babylon, NY)


Everything with my recent order was superb as usual. Thanks for your excellent service and delicious product. Mr. Jackson III. PS: I am recommending to everyone I know in Columbus Georgia that the purchase your product. I do not give such recommendations lightly.

Bernard (Columbus, GA)


The crabs are gone! I didn't have any help but did it all by myself! The crabs were heavy and seasoned well. There is nothing like a blue point. I live in lobster country but wouldn't hesitate to pick a blue point over a lobster. So keep up the good work and I will keep ordering those jumbos!

Gene (Simsbury, CT)


Received the crabs that I purchased from you and I am totally delighted with them. This is the 2nd time that I ordered from you and once again your quality, standards, and professionalism are wonderful. I will continue to buy from you because of these attributes and the fact that you care what the customer thinks... thank you once again for making a great southern meal for our family here in Vermont. We moved here 5 years ago from the northern neck of the Chesapeake in Virginia and love our crabs. We look forward to doing business with you again...

Dominic (Rutland, VT)


They were delicious!!! Arrived on time-- the taste was sweet & tasty--like crabs used to be "in the old days"

Ethel (Lithonia, GA)


Crabs got huge thumbs up, sent as a gift to Colorado, rave reviews

Paula (Baltimore, MD)


Born and raised in Baltimore, I was a little leery buying crabs on-line. I'm glad I placed the order! CRABS WERE FANTASTIC!!! The whole experience (ordering, delivery, and product) were first rate. Quality in all aspects. Will order again. Thank you!

John (Norwalk, CT)


My order is fabulous!!! As always...Ordering your crabs is a treat for me and I enjoy every morsel! The crabs I received are moist and fresh and loaded with meat. Thank you to you and your staff for maintaining the quality you do. I regularly get advertisements from other companies to order their crabs but when you are dealing with the best there is no reason to look anywhere else.

Rita (Florence, AZ)


As usual my Heavyweights arrived on time and in perfect condition. As I believe I've said before, I was born and raised in Philly. I haven't had crabs as large or as delicious, seasoned just as I asked for, in many a year. I always come back to Harbour House Crabs. I must admit that I have tried seafood from other sources; but, when it comes to fresh seafood, especially crabs, there is only one place: Harbour House Crabs! Thank you for your hard work, and for producing such a wonderful product!

John (Mathias, WV)


I just wanted to send you a quick email to say I was thoroughly impressed with the service I received. I received my order (dz. large blue) yesterday and I was in heaven. Way more than what I expected. :) I am originally from GA and now in WA where blue crab is not available. It is my favorite food. I had doubts at first, especially because of the price but now you have gained a satisfied customer... I will definitely be back. Also, the seasoning was the BOMB! Thanks for offering this service for those of us who are not in the Maryland area. :)

Sebrena (Spanaway, WA)


Your crabs were stupendous! Fresh and delicious. A wonderful gift for any occasion. Harbor House rocks!

Ilene (Upperco, MD)


The crabs were delicious.....My sister ordered them last year from Harbour House for her 40th birthday and we decided back then that we were going to start a new tradition...and so we did. They were the best ...heavy on the seasoning (like we like) sweet and meaty.....we loved them!!!! Knowing how easy we can get them I know will be ordering more often....Crabs and beer........what could be better. Thanks

Diane (Erie, Pa)


The crabs were fantastic!! They were full of meat and sweet. The seasoning was perfect. They were wonderful with cold beer specifically Sam Adam's October-fest. Next time we will order the jumbos. The service and shipping were great. You run a high quality business. Much appreciated.

Mike (Wernersville, Pa)


My husband and I are originally from Maryland. We moved to Tucson AZ about seven years ago. The one thing we do miss from Maryland is the seafood and particularly crabs. So at least twice a year we treat ourselves to your crabs. I believe this last order is about the 3 or 4th time we ordered from you. Each time it has great. From the taking of the order, the timeliness of the delivery, to the product delivered and the taste of the crabs. Your crabs are a taste of heaven and our home state of Maryland. In fact we have "turned on" our Tucson neighbors to crabs. They love them as well. I have nothing but an A+ review for all, Harbour House Crabs. We continue to recommend you to all of our friends and any one who mentions their love of crabs. Keep up the good work.

Pamela (Tucson, AZ)


My order was perfect, as usual. I placed my order last Friday and you all were having phone issues. Curt called me back on his cell phone and took my request. It arrived before noon the next day. I used to deal with exclusively, but will only order from Harbour House from now on. Thanks again.

David (Lexington, KY)


I was hesitant to order...however, was delighted by the quality! My husband said on a scale from 1-10 it was 100 and we both agree we will be ordering again...thank you!!! Also, greatly appreciate the fantastic customer service...

Kim (Stevensville, MI)


As always the crabs were stupendous and they were really heavy with meat...thank you so much for your commitment to quality and consistency... I will buy from you again and again as long as you maintain those traits... and from my dealings with you in the past and now, I have no doubts of a long business relationship with your company... thank you once again... you’re the best and I have tried most all of them....

Dominic (Rutland, VT)


From A to Z all was great, I will order again, thank you for a first class product...

Tony (Lewisville, TX)


Everything was wonderful! I ordered a 1/2 bushel of large crabs. They were packed beautifully. And, tasted SO good. The online ordering was easy and getting the shipment confirmation was great to know, since I was getting them for a birthday party. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to ordering again - soon!



The crabs were wonderful, as always! They were packaged very well and arrived very cold from the freezer packs. The crabs were full and heavy and the meat was firm and sweet. There couldn't be better crabs...even if we were IN Maryland! Thank you for your wonderful company. We will continue to order from you of course.

Sharon (Anaheim Hills, CA)


Ordered a bushel of large crabs to surprise our son who came home from Korea for two days enroute back from D.C. He had tried to find blue crabs in VA (Alexandria- Arlington area) where he grew up but no luck. We ordered the crabs from you again as we did last year and for our anniversary last Aug. since they are always great. Package arrived on time and crabs were fresh. We ordered the cooked ones since our son was only going to be home for the 2 days and we didn't want him cooking all afternoon. Had a great time with him, his sister, her husband and two of the older grandkids. Little one was too young to enjoy. Thanks for the great service. We will probably be back to you if he gets to come home again in early December. Having lived in Springfield, VA for 11 years, our whole family misses Maryland Blues. It seems there is no ocean or bay in NM.

William (Albuquerque, NM)


My soft shell crab order arrived on the scheduled day and that night we had some for dinner. Outstanding! The customer service people I worked with when I was unable to complete an online order were very friendly & helpful. We will definitely re-order in the future. Thank you for your great quality & service.

Fred (Howell, MI)


Fabulous AGAIN! We ordered a bushel of live medium male crab this time for our daughter's 11th birthday party. Out of 6 dozen, we only had a few "casualties", which was amazing! We had guests who had never seen live crab before and definitely had never eaten crab before. It was a memorable experience for everyone. Thank you again for a wonderful party!

Kevin (Meridian, ID)


This was my first order with your company and it was fantastic. Just was a fun, delicious family meal. We ordered a dozen jumbo crabs and it was great. Thanks again and expect another order real soon!

Bob (Cleveland, OH)


Great Product; Great Service. The hard-shell crabs were not only the size you indicated on your order form, they were all very heavy, well-cooked, and properly spiced (traditional). I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, had my own crab pots, live-box, and plenty of blue crabs. Yours are every bit as good as what I was used to and what I have missed since moving away 30 years ago.

Mark (Knoxville, TN)


Harbour House Crabs ...We love it!!! I get your e-mails which always puts us in the mood. I usually then call and order the crabs. Customer service is most pleasant and helpful. And top most the crabs are delicious!!! My husband’s family is from Delaware so they definitely know what it's all about...Our get togethers seem to be growing as we bring our friends from Arkansas into the love of crabs!! Thank-you for your wonderful service and delicious crabs.

Mike (Eureka Springs, AR)


Our resent order was excellent. The morning before they arrived, I was told by a former Maryland resident that the crabs are out of season, and they would not be good. He was absolutely wrong. They were especially sweet, with a nut-like flavor, and even though I set out melted butter and lemon, nobody used them. Apparently, they forgot, because the flavor was exceptionally good. I got a half bushel of large crabs, so we all had plenty, and the party went on until after midnight. They were simple to prepare, I just steamed them over the stove in small batches, and when it looked like everybody was ready, I threw another batch in the steamer, and it was ready in a few minutes, literally. Compared to feeding 6 people at a restaurant, the price, including shipping, was a bargain. But there's no restaurant in Johnson City, Tennessee that I know of that serves fresh steamed spiced blue crabs, so I'm sure my guests will be eager to return the next time I decide to have a "Crab feast".

Dave (Johnson City, TN)


Don't know if you can improve the process...etc. Thank you for upgrading them to medium. The crabs were very tasty!! Being from Maryland it's good to know I can get good steamed crabs in Arizona now!! Great job and keep up the good work!

Garrett (chandler, AZ)


Just wanted to let you know that my kids and grandkids ordered me a bushel of steamed crabs for my birthday (the big "60") because I had mentioned that I wanted some soooooo bad. They were delicious and enjoyed by all. I am from Maryland (but live in Arkansas now), so I know what a good steamed crab taste like and yours were exceptional. This is the first time that I have ever had "mail order" crabs, but it won't be the last and I'll defiantly be ordering them from you. Again, thanks for helping make my birthday a special one.

Jacquie (Ozark, AR)


As usual it met and exceeded my expectations. I just finished them up last night. I can’t wait for my next order.

Michael (Swanton, MD)


Thank you so much for the wonderful crabs! This is the third year we have ordered crab from Harbour House Crabs for our Thanksgiving meal. As usual they were incredible. The crabs were HUGE and there were only a few that had claws broken off. They were well packaged and delivered right on time. Oh, and they were DELICIOUS!! We will definitely be ordering again next year!!

Rob and Dawn (Avon, IN)


They were great! We received them just like we were told. We steamed them a few minutes and enjoyed. So glad we decided to try them. We will be doing this again in the spring. Thanks again for all your hard work

Dyan (Magnolia, Kentucky)


We received our order of crabs last night and were very happy with the quality and services of your customer services. The customer service rep we talked to was very professional and helpful. It has been a pleasure ordering seafood from your company. As living in Midwest, it is always the days with special treats to have crabs delivered from your company. Thanks a lot for offering the best quality crabs to us.

Fengyi (Carmel, IN)


What a delightful surprise the hard shell crabs were for my landlocked sister's family in Colorado. It's not always easy to surprise someone but I managed to do so - they told me they started eating them right out of the box! The best of the Bay in the Rockies!

Helen (Lemoyne, PA)


The gift was very well received. The recipients were pleasantly surprised and even the courier driver wanted in on the feast. Everything was tasty and appreciated. Thank you for making available an unforgettable gift.

Floyd (Toledo, OH)


The crabs arrived yesterday morning. They were a holiday surprise for my family. We ordered live crabs and steamed them ourselves. They were DELICIOUS!! My family and I ate them up. We had ordered 3 dozen and only lost 6. By the end of dinner there were only 2 left. Thanks for a great holiday surprise and a great meal.

Louis (Sparta, NJ)


This is the second year I've sent soft shells to my mom. She can't say enough about how wonderful they are. Size and taste are excellent!!! Packaging stayed cold. Called on the phone to order, pleasant experience. Great job, keep up the good work :) Thank you for making my mom's Christmas!!!

Virginia (Powell, OH)


As always, the order got here on time. The crabs were spectacular. It says something about your crabs when 2 people love them enough to eat a bushel at one sitting. They were that good. Granted, it took us 3 New Years Day football games to do it but it is a tradition for my brother and me. I've ordered form you for I think 5 years, count on more!!!!!!! Thank you and your professional staff so much.

Steve (Merrimack, NH)


Our crabs were Awesome! I just love the ease of getting on the website, ordering crabs one day and getting them the next day. I surprised my husband on Dec. 31st when he came home from work ~ we brought in the New Year just right. We're from Baltimore, MD and now live on a ranch in Buford, WY so; you can imagine we don't get much seafood around here in cattle country. The crabs were cooked perfect and we're craving more. We can't wait till summer to order more and eat them on the deck watching the elk. Thanks Harbour House Crabs!

Dan (Buford, WY)


My family and friends cannot wait for them to be invited for a Maryland crabs dinner from Harbour House Crabs. You always have the best quality and you could see and taste the freshness of the crabs.

Muriel (Alhambra, CA)


Crabs arrived two minutes ahead of schedule (3:58 pm) in perfect condition and they were absolutely delicious. Blue crabs are my favorite food and I live in New York where they are very hard to get--impossible in the winter. I am happy to have a great supplier like you. My husband orders these as a special present for me. This is my idea of a perfect gift. Thanks again for such a delicious treat.

Arlene (Poughkeepsie, NY)


We just wanted to thank you for allowing us to enjoy the great taste of these crabs without having to pay for the plane tickets to get the whole family over there. They are such a treat and we gather often outside at the picnic table picking away at those tasty crabs. Thank you for bringing part of home all the way over to the other coast.

Tabitha (Santa Barbra, CA)


Order arrived on time and thank you for the excellent service. Just want to let you know the evening of the 11th WV had a terrible storm. The area where I live was hit very hard. We finally received electric today the 14th. I had electric for about 2 hrs after coming on from work on the 13th. I had invited a friend from across the river to come over and join me to eat crabs and shrimp. It was so funny when the electric went back off and we were in the dark, but we enjoyed them with a flashlight and two oil lamps. Anyhow, we enjoyed them immensely. We are both from MD and miss our MD crabs, but thanks to Harbor House we now can enjoy them again.

Phyllis (Webster Springs, WV)


The crabs were outstanding! They were perfect in every way with no complaints. I would definitely share our crab experience to other crab lovers in our area. I know this will not be the last that you hear from the SMITH Family!

Terrence (Newark, DE)


Thank you for a great evening, we have been having a winter beach/crab party for several years, this year we tried your product, they arrived on time and nicely spiced. We made our own roasted garlic/butter marinade and soaked half of them over night. Both were equally enjoyed.

Mark (Woodbury, CT)


Wonderful simply wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca (Greeneville, TN)


I truly think you all have the best crabs ever, my wife will not order them from anywhere else due to the quality we have received in the past from other places, will be the only place we ever order crabs from again best quality and taste on the market. Thank You.

Johnny (Greeneville TN)


The crabs are great. Thanks to all of you at Harbour House Crab. I have been a loyal customer for years. Customer service is always great. No matter when I call or write my questions are always answered and the crab are great and when ever I've had any problems everyone is always willing to do whatever it takes to make things better. I love your product and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Darlene (Homestead, FL)


What can I say, simply DELICIOUS. I turned around and ordered another dozen the next day. I am turning my friends on to Harbor house. Crabs are almost impossible to get in our area. I'm sure your other entrees are just as good. I will sample all of them in the future. For now, your blue hard shell crabs are SLAMING!

Lena (Bronx, NY)


Everything was great again, from ordering to having everything arrive perfectly. I order steamed crabs and soft crabs pretty often, this is the first time I ordered the crab cakes and they were fantastic, what a nice treat in the winter. I can’t wait to order again.

Holly (Loami, IL)



Mike (Waldorf, MD)


The order arrived on time as usual. I live in NYC and send the crabs to my 87 years young Grandmother in a very spread out area in NC. She LOVES them!!! It is always a special treat for her from her special Grand-Daughter! Thanks for making her so happy!!!

Tonya (NY, NY)


Our Mother's Day has been sad for the past two years since my dad passed away. This year I decided to grab the "bull by the horns" and make a grand celebration! When the fed. Ex. driver came to make a Saturday delivery both my mom and sister were a little curious...when they read the label on the box, they were IN HEAVEN! Our primary Saturday activity was "crab picking"! The crabs were wonderful...just like we used to get them when we lived on the coast. Mom said they tasted better because they brought back such wonderful memories. Thank you for helping me make a perfect Mothers Day

Carolyn (Statesville, NC)


Crabs were great! I send to my mom and sister in Arkansas and they are always a hit…I LUV CRABS and being from the Chesapeake Bay area, I can honestly say your crabs are heavy and delicious!

Marianne (Syracuse, NY)


We were REALLY pleased with our order and have recommended you to many other customers. We will order from you again for sure! We ordered on a Friday at 11:30am and had our order on Sat. at 11:30am! OUTSTANDING and thank you!

Dawn (West Hartford, CT)


Thanks so much for helping my family have a great Memorial Day Weekend. We really enjoyed the Crabs and giving some of our family the experience of learning how to crack open crabs and use a wood mallet. Crabs came in perfectly packages and ready to go with lots of good seasoning.

Glenda (Wirtz, VA)


Once again the crabs were delicious! It's a pleasure working with your company.

Kristy (Manasquan, NJ)


Awesome! Easy ordering, easy website, delicious crabs!

Deborah (San Antonio, TX)


Simply delicious - it was a gift for my father-in-law and he was so thrilled.

Llona (Baden, PA)


The crabs were part of the celebration of my husband's father's day. My husband and I born and raised in Maryland transported to Rhode Island. We have eaten different types of crabs but really there is nothing that compares the taste of the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. Well now not only was my husband in heaven but our son and daughter was as well. The seasoning was perfect and they were a great size, not a light one among the batch. We sat for hours picking, talking and enjoying the feast and the company. Thank you for being part of a great day and a great gift.

Lisa (Tiverton, RI)


The crabs were great! They came on schedule and were a great size and had a great taste. There was not a bad one in the bushel. We have placed orders many times and have always been very happy with the service and the website.

Linda (Bolton, MA)


The same as the last time I ordered crabs form Harbour House......OUTSTANDING!!!! Customer Service was excellent, shipping and delivery was excellent, and for the crabs.... everyone enjoyed and agreed they were outstanding.

Beth (Murrysville, PA)


We were 100% satisfied with the order!!!! The crabs were full of meat and delicious. My fiancé is from Maryland, so he loves blue crab which helped make Father's Day a special day for him! Thanks so much!!!!

Nichole (Florence, SC)


Once again you went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you very much for your service all around. The Best!

John (Westborough, MA)


The crabs were sweet, perfectly cooked and arrived on time. I was raised on the Chesapeake (in the summers) and don't remember crabs any better than the ones I had Thursday night. I will be ordering again in the near future.

Sharon (Chapel Hill, NC)


The crabs were delicious and meaty - not a soggy one in the whole 3 doz. The on-line ordering process was simple and secure, and the shipment arrived as promised. We have been ordering crabs ever since we left Baltimore in the 60's, and this was the best crab experience we have had yet. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Tom (Penn Valley, CA)


I would like to thank you so much. It is so hard being in the military and being away from Maryland for the past 11 years, I get so homesick and my family always rubs it in my face that they are having a bbq and bushels of crabs all over the place. Thanks to you guys my birthday and the 4th of July felt like old times. The crabs were delicious and they came right on time. Please keep up the good work and I can guarantee that I will be ordering on a daily basis! I also had friends come over and I taught them how to eat the crabs so they said they will be ordering too. I will definitely be advertising for you out here in Hawaii!! Thanks again.

Josh (Honolulu, HI)


The order arrived on time with all the crabs alive like promised. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to customer support. A big Army HOOAAAH for you.

SSG McCullum (Sierra Vista, AZ)


This is the 3rd year that I have sent my sister crab in Kentucky and each year we love them better than the year before if that it is possible. My sister loves your crabs and she always says this is the best treat I could ever give her.

Nel (Mitchellville, MD)


Your crabs have made my friends and family happy. I have been overseas in Iraq 4 of the last 5 years. Since I can not enjoy them, I always send a gift to my family, friends and the love of my life. She called me up at 3:30AM in Iraq and asked for your address to give to a friend. I sent her dinner for 2 the next day just because. She said she needed that comfort food that reminded her of me. Thank you again.

Michael (Baltimore, MD)


This is the second year that I have ordered your "dinner for two" for my son's birthday. Both times the order arrived beautifully packed - and with truly enough food for several meals!! My son grew up in Maryland, spend his early years crabbing on the Severn River and in the Bay, and his first job was as a busboy at the Riverside Inn - across the river from the Naval Academy. Needless to say, the taste of these delicious crabs brought back many fond memories from several decades ago! I'm delighted that you provide this service that allows us to experience a bit of Maryland summer in the Arizona desert.

Nanci (Tucson, AZ)


This was for my Mom's 80Th birthday; as soon as she received them she fried one up and at it for her birthday breakfast. She is from New Jersey and had not had them in a very long, long time It made her birthday she has everything she ever wanted and more so there is not much to get her, this was a very memorable birthday, you made her day. She had been hunting for them and had given up, Can not thank you enough, now my son who is turning 40 wants them for his birthday coming up.

Linda (Modesto, CA)


Excellent service, excellent blue crabs! What more can be said!

Barbra (Jersey City, NJ)


Thanks for providing an incredible assortment of 7 bushels of crabs for our annual crab-fest! It was a huge hit! 150+ people can eat a lot of crabs! Thanks again to you and your team at HH! Your crabs were prepared perfectly and the service was great!

Nick (Harrisburg, PA)


I sent a bushel of your medium male blue crabs to friends in the Pocono Mountains and the word I got was, "they were delicious beyond words!". As usual your crabs and service reign supreme. Thank you!

Barbra (Jersey City, NJ)


Crabs arrived on time and were, as usual, outstanding. Company from VA hadn't had any for some time and thoroughly enjoyed the feast. Full of sweet meat. Thanks for your service to crag lovers.

Bill (Albuquerque, NM)


I am so appreciative of the service and quality of your business. I just wanted to say thank you. I will definitely shop again, and again, and again, and I will gladly pass on your excellent quality of business to everyone I know. Thank you!

Emily (West Palm Beach, FL)


Thank you for our crabs on Friday. We had two other couples with Maryland roots join us for your Wonderful crabs Friday evening for an old fashioned end of summer crab feast. Now we have introduced potential customers in Milwaukee (where crabs were a rehearsal dinner this summer), Iowa and Park City, UT. Everyone has truly enjoyed the quality of crabs that you steam and send. I'm thinking there must be a fall reason to order more crabs!!! We're working on that...

Bill (Park City, UT)


FANTASTIC! Loved the way the crabs were packed. There were no loose legs in the bottom. The seasoning was perfect. We will order again and recommend you to our friends. The order arrived at 9:45 AM before the delivery time of 10:30 AM. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep up the good work!

Martha (Mogadore, OH)


I grew up In fells point Baltimore, L A has been home for 30 years now ,the #1 thing that I miss the most was the great seafood there .thank you for making a great memory affordable .we have tried others but we always say harbor house crabs are the best. The heavy weights was just what you said, heavy

Cliff (Whittier, CA)


OUTSTANDING and will definitely do business with you again. THANK YOU.

Debbi (Mansfield, MA)


Everything was great - from making the order, having the advice of the staff, the sending of the package and the taste/size of the crabs. Thank you very much.

John (Franklin, WI)


Growing up on the Potomac River and helping my father catch and cook crabs, they are a staple of life in Southern Maryland. This is about the fifth time I have had crabs from you all. This order was the best. Lots of fat, but aha.....the taste My sister was visiting from Ca. with friends, and all we heard was, crack...bang.....ohhhh.....look at this one! We all shared stories from bygone years and enjoyed the soft crabs too, but our mother knew how to fix them best. Having children, grandkids and great grandkids to share with makes it even more special. Thanks for being there for us desert rats.

Mary (Truth Or Consequences, NM)


Just had to let you know how happy I was with my recent order. My brother moved from Baltimore several years ago to Las Vegas. For the past 4 years, I've ordered him crabs for his birthday and had them delivered when I would be out there visiting him so we could enjoy them together. Every year I've tried a different company. But this year, they were the best crabs EVER! I am making sure to add your site to my favorites - because I'll be back next year for sure!

Mary (Little River, SC)


You definitely exceeded our expectations and made "any occasion a special occasion". You helped me coordinate my son's birthday "wish" with ease. He and his friends enjoyed the bushel of crabs at his home in Vail, Colorado. I especially appreciated your courtesy and patience with our questions and the personal attention that we got. THANKS AGAIN.

Carol (Harrisburg, PA)


Great job as always! They were a little light on the seasoning for a "traditional seasoning" but the meat was delicious!!! We have an annual crabtoberfest at my startup company in California and this year we included lobster and king crab in addition to the blue crab. Well, I can honestly say that these crabs blew away the others and made more than a few lobster converts.

Brett (San Francisco, CA)


The recent order I placed as a treat to my sister was met with such amazement at not only how fresh the order arrived (very nicely packed with ice) but the succulent flavor of the crabs. They were very meaty and seasoned to perfection. I was introduced to your company by a family friend who had ordered crabs over the summer. I am hooked!! You have a customer for life.

Renee (Medford, NY)


The order overall was great. A few crabs were super salty and inedible. I started ordering from you when we lived in Pittsburgh however I now live in Maryland and you still have some of the crabs I have ever tasted.

Karen (Abingdon, MD)


This is the second bushel I have ordered and each time, I and now 18 guests, were very impressed. You will have future orders from some of them I am sure. The system worked very well. Thank you

Conor (New York, NY)



Rob (Sherman Oaks, CA)


This is the second time I used your service...Love you guys!!! First of all your website is very easy to use and your choice of products are great...Very customer friendly! I sent these crabs to my wonderful father in law who lives in Illinois and loves crabs. He has spent many years with us eating fabulous Maryland crabs whenever he comes to visit us in Southern Maryland. The past two years he has been very ill and for his birthday we wanted to send him something he loves!!! Although the shipping is expensive...It was worth the sound in his voice when he got them...Exactly on his special day...Exactly the time you promised...And he said they were huge and stuffed with crab!! So, no doubt you all have a great product...but it’s obvious you take pride in what you do. We love you!!!! Thanks again for helping to make a special day even more special for someone SO special!!!

Lynn (Waldorf, MD)


All I can say is wow. The service exceeded my expectations. My wife and I had a wonderful time together. They were heavenly, but I wanted more.

Bruce (Mint Hill, NC)


As always, they were fantastic. I enjoyed them to no end. They always hit the spot! Thank you once again for your prompt delivery and delicious product!!

Barbra (Seattle, WA)


Everything was perfect. I sent the crabs as a gift. They arrived in the morning and were packaged perfectly. My friend is a BIG eater. I wasn't sure if a dozen would be enough. To my delight, he was stuffed after 6 jumbo crabs. So, the feast lasted two days. Best of all, he said "the CRABS were delicious." This was a special treat so I am not sure how often I will be doing this sort of thing. However, if I send out another gift, I will surely use Harbour House Crabs. Thanks for asking!

Kelly (Silver Spring, MD)


I live on Long Island and was raised on seafood from a toddler. I thought it would be a great treat to have your crabs added as part of our Thanksgiving festivities. My parents retired and left Long Island to live in Arizona. My parents were very surprised and thoroughly pleased!! This is my 3rd time having the Harbour House crabs and each time is better than the last. You have a customer for life! Just keep those discounts coming to me. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Renee (Medford, NY)


I was born and raised in Maryland and grew up on Chesapeake Bay crabs and your crabs are delicious. Keep up the good work!!

Cathy (Spokane, WA)


Man oh man, you nailed it again. Just finished fine fine Christmas Chesapeake crab feed in Jersey Highlands with brood and offspring. Grandkids learning what Beautiful Swimmers all about. . All quite content and complimentary. Crab cakes great too!

Sam (Chester, NJ)


Thanks so much for delivery of the crabs! She really enjoyed the crabs. They were delicious! This was an ideal gift for someone who is 90 and has everything! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gale (Pasadena, MD)


Hello and Merry Christmas at Harbour House. We just finished our dozen steamed blue crabs...THEY WERE FABULOUS! What a treat. You will see us again! Many thanks for great service and taste!

Vivian (Oakland Park, FL)


The recipients of my gift loved it. They couldn't stop thanking me. Your packages are always "top shelf"! Merry Christmas!

Floyd (Toledo, OH)


GREAT, we were happy with the seasoning. Just my Wife and Me, we ate 1 doz. Christmas Eve. And the 2nd dozen tonight. You’re going to miss it. Do I detect mustard?

Bud (Murfreesboro, TN)


My family loves to have seafood on New Year's Eve and it is so easy to order our crab online and have it shipped when we want it to arrive. This is our third year ordering and the crab arrive fresh and as usual very delicious. Thanks for helping us have such a delicious dinner!

Deanne (Venetia, PA)


Recently I ordered crabs to be sent as a gift to a friend who used to live in Maryland. She is a true crab “aficionado “and is very knowledgeable. She loved them! She went out of her way to thank me…and of course, by extension, you. Last year I sent her crabs from a different vendor and she was very pleased. However, she went out of her way to say that yours were better. One of the things which impressed her was that the dry ice in the box was still cold and intact. So thank you for making my Christmas present to my friend such a great success.

Norbert (Warwick, R.I.)


We do not have soft shell crabs available here I can eat my weight in the things I do believe deep fried in tempura batter and dipped in Thai sweet and sour sauce! A fat boys delight!

Donald (Lanai City, HI)


Thanks Harbour House Crabs you have never let me down. The crabs that I purchased were not only a big hit with a few friends and family but the crabs themselves were "big, sweet and juicy" to eat. My order was delivered as promised on a certain scheduled day packaged as well as anyone that is receiving such an order can expect. In the words of a famous California State Governor and actor, "I'll be back!"

Wayne (Durham, NC)


Crabs were excellent. Packaged beautifully. I ordered 1/2 bushel for five adults and five kids...It was new to the kids who are pretty little so, of course, they didn't eat much. But the adults did and we still had a lot left...I am not complaining because I will pick them and eat them but it was more than we needed and I wanted you to know...because you asked! I will order again when I can no longer stand the cravings and am not planning on being in your area! Thanks so much! I am a believer!

Cindy (Edinboro, PA)


The couple who received "dinner for two" called to let us know how wonderful it was! They had so much that some was left over for lunch the next day. As always, we are very pleased with the quality and reliability of your service.

John (Penacook, NH)


Not that I was dissatisfied with Harbor House Crabs, but I made the mistake of trying another company just to compare. There is absolutely no comparison. The very same week I placed my order with Harbor House. Needless to say, I was in Heaven when I received my Harbor House order and began to chow down! As always, they were delicious; absolutely no disappointment there. Why settle for the rest when I can have the best from Harbor House Crabs!!

Barbra (Seattle, WA)


The crabs were heavy and delicious.....always top notch never impune quality...and that’s why I have bought solely from your company for the past few years.....thank you.

Dominic (Rutland, VT)


Both orders were/are fantastic. The crab are so meaty and well seasoned. I can't say enough wonderful things about customer service. You have me as a customer for life.

Darlene (Homestead, FL)


All eight of us thought the crabs were fantastic! They were an integral part of our evening and did not disappoint!

Mary (Scituate, MA)



Neomi (Whitehall, PA)


The Jumbo dinner for two package was a wonderful, unexpected and well-loved surprise that my sister received for a special birthday. The crabs were all over 6 1/2". They were heavy and full with popping-out-of-the-shell, sweet meat - not always a sure bet at this late winter/ early-spring time of the year. I was told the spicing was excellent. The cooked shrimp seemed more than jumbo sized and were an extremely tasty, nicely-spiced accompaniment - especially for my brother-in-law who isn't much of a crab-shucking fan. The crab cakes were jam packed with superb-tasting, crab meat lumps. The brownies were a rich, tasty finale. Bravo!

Paul (Beverly, MA)


Jarrett took my order over the telephone and I must say that he knows his job well. He makes sure that all of the credit card information on file is correct and that I'm the person who gave it. He makes me feel like a very important customer every time I call and get him to take my order. And when it arrives everything is exactly as I asked for. He is a good employee and loves his job. And I also tip my hat to Dave as he treats me the same way. It’s because of these guys that I keep calling Harbour House Crabs to buy my crabs

Bill (Hellertown, PA)


It was perfect, they came right on time and every one of them was full of meat. They were large but they felt like heavy weights.

Randy (Fort Pierce, FL)


The soft shell crabs and the crab cakes are the best ever. They take me back to the time I lived in lower, slower Delaware. We will be ordering again.

Carol (Prescott, AZ)


I ordered the crabs for a special family gathering. My niece and name sake graduated from UNC @ Chapel Hill on Mothers Day. We had the family gathering that Saturday. What a success!! The delivery was on time and the crabs were excellent!! Thanks!!

Porita (Disputanta, VA)


It was GREAT!!! This was our 4th order with Harbour House. The order came earlier in the day than expected. Especially liked your notice of shipment tracking number. Your web-site is user friendly. We'll be back...

Paul (Tijeras, NM)


The Harbor House crabs were fantastic!! I am from Maryland and am a good judge of crabs.

Cathy (Spokane, WA)


The Crabs are great and full of meat thanks for the great service of being the best on line order service.

Tyrone (South Plainfield, NJ)


Our crabs were wonderful! I ordered them as a surprise birthday present for my husband. Made a great gift. Your website is great; easy to navigate.

Bobbi (Tellico Plains, TN)


The crabs came right on time and were packed perfectly. They were delicious! Full and heavy with firm, sweet crab meat. We will be ordering again soon. Thank you.

Sharon (Anaheim, CA)


Harbour House Crabs never disappoints me. The crabs were meaty, delivered on time, and ready to go. Three generations of my family sat and picked crabs, drank beer and had an overall wonderful Memorial Day weekend feast. And there was enough for crab soup the next day. Always fabulous!

Mark (Boston, MA)


The crabs and shrimp were very good. Best crabs I have had in a while. Crab cakes were also good, but could not keep them together when I cooked them. I have never had anything that was not up to par since I have been ordering from you. Was a little surprised that they went from Pa. to Indiana then back to WV. They arrived on time and I called a friend and she came up and we just had a feast. Thank you so much.

Phyllis (Webster Springs, WV)


Our order was super! The packaging was perfect! We'll be customers forever! Thanks so much

Martha (Mogadore, OH)


Okay, so my friends on Facebook were having a good deal of fun when I was bragging about “having the crabs”!!! They were great!! Should tide me over till my visit in Baltimore in August!! Spiced perfectly too!!

Lisa (El Cajon, CA)


Everything was great! I am originally from Harrisburg, and I miss the crabs!!!! No place in Colorado serves crab, so your place is the greatest!! Thanks

Steven (Aurora, CO)


Thank you for a great tasting treat that our family enjoyed on Saturday. Everything went real smooth from ordering to receiving to opening the box. For most of the people it was there first time eating these types of crabs and they all loved them.

Mike (Rindge, NH)


You're obviously talking about the outstanding dozen of crabs we recently received from you. Well in a word "SENSTATIONAL". To use another word "AWESOME". Can't wait to have available cash to place our next major summer order of a bushel.

Cadell (Los Angeles, CA)


I am from Maryland now living in AZ so I miss my blue crabs. This is my 5th time purchasing crabs from you and I must say Awesome again, every time I have enjoyed them So much. Keep up the great work, the crabs are always seasoned just like I used to steamed and season them in one word PERFECT !!!!!!!!!

Larry (Marana, AZ)


The Bomb! Dozen heavyweights seem extravagant but we got 4 meals out of it. Had a 1/2 dozen for an early dinner shortly after they arrived. Next day I reserved the remaining claws and used the crabmeat for a crab quiche for 4. Last night we had he remaining claws as an appetizer!

Don (Ambridge, PA)


I ordered a 1/2 bushel of large Maryland steamed crabs that were delivered on Saturday, 7/3/2010 and was very pleased with the order. With the exception of one restaurant in town that has an annual "Crab Feast", there is no where in Los Angeles, CA to get Maryland steamed crabs and I am very happy that I now have access via Harbour House. I will definitely be ordering from your establishment again and thought the crabs were excellent. Thank you for taking pride in your product - it shows.

Laura (West Hollywood, CA)


My feedback is this...AWESOME!!! All facets of the "Crab Experience" ....see you again soon!

Bob (Pepperell, MA)


OH!! MY!!! Those crabs were full and delicious and perfectly seasoned. We like a LOT of seasoning and did not have to add any!! You did a great job of cooking them! Thank you so much!

Allan (Panama City Beach, FL)


We got our order right on time and in perfect condition. The crabs were lined up so beautifully. They were absolutely delicious. Particularly sweet and delicate meat. We enjoyed every morsel. Thank you again for making the sale price apply to the jumbo dozen. We look forward to ordering from you again soon!

Sharon (Anaheim, CA)


Crabs were best we've ever had! Thank you.

Jim (Underhill, VT)


Our crabs were the BEST crabs we have had in a long time. I'm from Baltimore, MD originally; but have lived in Rochester (Pittsford), NY for 34 years. We get crabs several times a season shipped up to us every year. This is the first time we have ever ordered Harbor House Crabs, and believe me, we WILL be ordering from you always now!! So delicious! Many thanks again for having such a QUALITY product.

Lavern (Pittsford, NY)


Could not have been better, thx for all your help.

Tom (Locust Valley, NY)


I have already sent a "Thank You" to you! Our crabs were the BEST crabs we've had in a long time. I'm from Baltimore, MD. (Therefore very familiar with steamed blue hard crabs) and have lived in Rochester, NY for 34 years. We order crabs to be sent up to us a couple of times a year. A friend of ours gave us your name and we decided to try you out....and boy are we glad we did! The packing was phenomenal, the seasoning perfect and we ordered the heavy weights which were just that! Yum-my! You'll definitely be hearing from us again soon!

Lavern (Locust Valley, NY)


We received our order last Friday. We cracked for hours and had the time of our lives. They were delicious. Even though we live on the coast in Cape May N.J. our crabs just can't compare to yours. Thank you we will be ordering again and again and again.

Kathy (Cape May, NJ)


Lived in Maryland practically my whole life. Moved to Southern CA12 years ago and found Harbour House. You guys are the bomb The Crabs were excellent!!! Seasoned perfect!

Laurie (Thousand Oaks, CA)


I LOVE CRABS - having grown up on the Bay in Southern Maryland! I'm NEVER disappointed with my orders. The dinner for two is awesome - the crab cakes are better than my grammas (shhh, don't tell her) and was equally pleased with the Jumbo hard-shells, steamed to perfection and no watery or lightweights in the bunch. My only complaint is that they are always gone too soon! Did just want to mention an error on the FedEx guy's part (something about my address being invalid, although it was correct on the FedEx slip and FedEx has delivered many times to me before) - nevertheless, the Harbour House team called my cell immediately to confirm the address and call the shipper to get them to redeliver. I really appreciated your responsiveness and attention to all aspects of customer service, You Guys Rock! I will certainly be ordering again soon.

Marianne (Syracuse, NY)


Everything was great. Thanks for taking good care of your returning clients

Dale (Tucson, AZ)


Timeliness of shipment and packaging was exceptional. The product is wonderful. It is good to have the East Coast connection to this part of the country.

Mary (Portland, OR)


BOY! What can I say? When I place my order for crabs with Dave at Harbour House crabs I get treated as a valued customer and my order arrives exactly as I ordered it. Thank you for your service, the crabs were perfect.

William (Hellertown, PA)


Our recent order of 1/2 bushel of crabs arrived on time, perfectly packed with ice backs still frozen even though the outside temperate was 100 degrees! The crabs were very tasty - just wish there were more of them. Thank you for the great service.

Nancy (Martinsville, VA)


Awesome as always! Love your crabs--best we've ever had! (And I'm a Baltimore girl!)

Lavern (Locust Valley, NY)


My family and I picked up three dozen Jumbo crabs last week for a feast. The staff was fantastic and helpful. The crabs were chock full of sweet meat and heavy. Thank you for delivering such good quality.

Jamie (Annandale, VA)


I purchased a ½ bushel of heavily seasoned crabs as a thank you to my dear friend in Cleveland OH. We grew up together in Baltimore 60 yrs ago. Her parents also had a place on the Chop Tank River on the Eastern Shore – she knows crabs! The crabs arrived exactly when they were supposed to. My friend was very impressed with how well they were packaged. In her words they “blew her through the roof” they were so good! Full of meat and very well seasoned. Thank you for offering such a good Maryland product. I now live in Southern MD and it is hard –even here- to get well seasoned crabs, yours apparently were perfect. I am sure I will be ordering them again.

Marjorie (Lusby, MD)


Our dinner for two arrived on time for our 48th wedding anniversary. The crabs were delicious and full of meat. Had all we could do to eat 6 ea. and saved the crab cakes and shrimp for our weekend dinner. We and our son have used Harbour House for a long time and have never been unhappy with the product or service. Your order process is simple and straight forward and we will continue to use your service whenever we have the urge to have those super blue crabs which we missed after moving to the high desert from the east coast.

Bill (Albuquerque, NM)


Our Harbour House order for jumbo crabs was a sensational success. I've ordered your crabs before but this is the first time I tried the jumbo size. It won't be the last. What a fantastic treat. They brought a whole new meaning to what plump back fin meat is all about. An excellent value" I'll be back!".

Jerome Stow (MA)


I sent these crabs to my friend in Ohio; we grew up together in Baltimore 60 yrs ago. Her parents also had a house on the Chop Tank River on the Eastern shore – she knows crabs! Her exact words were—OMG these are the best crabs I have had in years, just like Dad used to steam at home in Balto. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful product, I am sure I will be ordering again.

Marjorie (Lusby, MD)


Excellent as usual. Customer for life A++++ Thank you.

Victor (Watervliet, NY)


We ordered a dozen jumbo crabs......and they were DELICIOUS.....sweet.....perfectly cooked and seasoned.

Jim (Cumming, GA)


Crabs were amazing as always....We order every year and it is such a special event at our house......Didn't finish all of them so we will be enjoying them again today. Crabs remind me of my childhood growing up in Maryland....what a great time!

Robin (Suwannee, GA)


The crabs I recently ordered from your company were EXCELLENT!!! Had a good weight and size! Filled with sweet delicious meat! The order arrived well before 4:30 pm and the crabs were still cold. I appreciate the excellent shipping, packaging and the good price for next day shipping. I will definitely order from you again. Keep up the good work!

Audra (Hilliard, OH)


I was thrilled to see how well the crabs were packaged! The delivery date was on time. I never expected to have the crab mallets included, that was a bonus! The crabs were heavy and well seasoned. I live in upstate NY and haven't had crabs in years. Now that I have found a place to order crabs, that taste so gooood, I won't have to do without again. I will only order from YOU. Thanks.

Rick (Dexter, NY)


My Grandmother in North Carolina - just loves your crabs!! They are her favorite. She is whistling and dancing Dixie every time I order them. She is so tickled when her package arrives. ...She's 87 years young and you help me keep her very happy. Thanks so much!

Tonya (Hollis, NY)


I have been using your service now for 3 years. I have to admit that every order has been what was advertised the size that I ordered, perfectly packed, and always on time. When I lived in Maryland I would eat steamed crabs at least 3 weekends out of 4 in season. When I moved to Chicago I thought that I would never be able to enjoy eating crabs. I tried several other companies that ship crab orders however there was always something wrong. Either they were either too small, half crushed because they were packed incorrectly, too dry, and in some cases the crabs were either over cooked or they were dead before they were cooked or delivered late. Harbor House Crabs orders have always been perfect at least for the past 15 times that we have ordered them. Don’t change a thing!

Richard (Lincolnshire, IL)


The crabs were so good, we sat around the table and enjoyed crab, some it was the first time ever. They were all so delicious and arrived before 4:30 pm. We love them so much we want to order more soon. When calling I first talked to Kurt and he was very friendly and informative and then order with Jessica and she was also very friendly and helpful, we will order again. It was and is a pleasure doing business with you. I would love to get emails on any specials or sales!

Jason (Rolla, ND)


I ordered one dozen of the heavy weight crabs for delivery on Friday, October 1st and they were everything that I expected and more. The meat was sweet and very succulent to the point that I extended my enjoyment of eating them for three days. The regular seasoning could have been a bit spicier, but overall the crabs were delicious as usual. I told my students about it and of course, those that are crab lovers were not too happy with me because I did not bring any to them for lunch.

Raul (Lower Gwynedd, PA)


The crabs were absolutely fantastic. I love this place! The service is good the staff is friendly and truthful. Keep up the excellent job and you will always have me as your favorite customers.

Charlena (Brooklyn, NY)


Well, everything was wonderful! They were delivered right on time; we received them and sat down to eat! Packaging was amazing, thank-you you sure did make my son's birthday special.

Susan (Morganton, NC)


As always, our crabs were just great!! We have been doing business with you for probably about 4 - 5 years now and we have always been very satisfied with the product. Thank you so much.

Theresa (Las Vegas, NV)


I received the crabs Saturday first thing in the morning, and as always they were absolutely delicious. Always consistent, they are always great! It’s nice to be able to get a touch of home in Tennessee. Don't change a thing, they're perfect. Thanks so much.

Amanda (Lebanon, TN)





I received a pkg from your company yesterday. Upon the door bell ringing I was confused since I have no expected deliveries. I was much more surprised when I saw the label read "Harbour House Crabs" We would like to thank you for the generous gift of the special blend spices & the pint glass. We really love them both, especially since my husband & I love our crabs seasoned heavy & with a fresh ice cold beer! Winter or summer it doesn't matter. We love them all year around. We received a glass during the summer promotions and my husband and I constantly fight over the glass. Now we have two and no one needs to fight anymore! Lmbo! The spices will come in so handy too! I always wanted to get my hands on your special blend and you made it possible. In return I placed an order today expressing my deepest gratitude & love towards your company. 9 years and still a loyal customer! No one can do it better than your company. I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS & GALS OVER THERE AT HHC. MUCH LOVE WEALTH AND PROSPERITY TO YOUR COMPANY!

Elena (Middle Village, NY)


OMG...People just let me tell you if you're ever in the mood to order crabs on line take my word of advice, if you don't order them from Harbor House Crabs then you are making a HUGE mistake I've order them forever seems like and they are always perfect when they arrive. I would love to thank the people in customer service for all of your help, you guys are AWESOME.

John (Bristol, VA)


We have been loyal customers for about 4 years. We have ordered bushels of crabs, crab cakes and now Dinner for Two. As always the products was WONDERFUL, timely and your staff is always most helpful. Your company brings the memories of Maryland and its wonder blue crab to transplants in the desert. Thanks again.

Pam and Ed (Tucson, AZ)


Crabs were wonderful! Husband loved the Christmas surprise. Crab cakes were great too! Can't wait to order again. Have a nice Christmas! Also thanks for the tumbler and crab spice you sent earlier. Two of your greatest fans and customers.

Jean & Brad (Suffield, OH)