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Soft Shell Crabs - (JUMBO)

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5 - 5 ½ inches. One of America's favorite seafood delicacies. Caught just after shedding their hard outer shell (called molting), our crabs are carefully selected for their superior quality and size. Our soft shell crabs are cleaned, frozen, and ready to be prepared to your liking.

Packaged four per pack. They're only available while supplies last. Due to market conditions, availability and pricing are subject to change at any time. 

How to Prepare Jumbo Soft Shell Crab

Wondering how to prepare jumbo soft shell crabs for your upcoming feast or want to learn a new way to cook them for your family? Then Harbour House Crabs will make it easy for you! Our soft shell crabs are cleaned and ready to cook — all you need to do is the following:

  • Heat oil in a large skillet.
  • Next, combine salt and flour in one bowl, and two eggs are beaten in another.
  • Dip your soft shell in the egg bath, then coat it with the flour mixture or a soft shell batter.
  • Place the crabs in the oil and let cook for approximately 4 minutes on each side.
  • The shell will turn red and crisp and the batter a golden brown. Place the soft shell on a paper towel-covered plate to absorb any extra oil.
  • Serve as a sandwich or as a main course meal.


More Information On Maryland Soft Shell Crabs

Want to learn how crabs get their soft shells? A crab becomes a soft shell when it goes through a molting phase. This means the crab is forming a new larger soft shell under its hard shell. The crab then sheds the hard shell and becomes a soft shell. Crabs only stay in a soft shell for a few hours, which makes it more difficult to catch soft shells. Soft shells are in season from May through October, but you can purchase them frozen and enjoy them all year long.

Jumbo Maryland Soft Shell Crabs

If you're searching for delicious Maryland soft shell crabs for sale, then you've come to the right place. Harbour House Crabs has been a proud supplier of Maryland crabs and other premium seafood for more than two decades and has developed a reputation for providing our customers unparalleled quality. 

Harvested from the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, you can expect our crabs to be on par — if not better — than restaurant quality. Whether you enjoy eating crabs deep fried or in a pan with garlic and lettuce, the fresh soft shell crabs from our business are certain to be a delicacy.

Order Soft Shell Crab Around the Country

"Where can I find and buy frozen soft shell crabs from Maryland?" The answer to this question is easy — at Harbour House Crabs!

No matter where you live in the United States, we're where to buy soft shell crabs at a good price. At Harbour House Crabs, our business is dedicated to ensuring that all the Maryland soft shell crabs we send arrive in top condition for our customer's enjoyment. For that reason, we take great pride in the care we devote to our packaging process. Using our trusted shipping methods, we're capable of helping families all over the country order soft shell crab from Maryland.

Additionally, not only will our soft shell crabs come safe and sound and ready to be prepared in your kitchen, but it will arrive quickly as well. We're only a mile away from a major shipping hub, which allows us to send our crabs to customers in a timely manner. For surprise feasts and other special occasions where you need quality seafood on the double, you can rely on us for fast deliveries.

Harbour House Crabs Is Where to Buy Soft Shell Crabs You'll Love

Your days of searching "where can I find and buy frozen soft shell crabs" for the best deal possible have ended. Harbour House Crabs has helped supply countless families with delicious crabs that can be prepared in any number of different ways, and will be happy to provide you with what you need to cook your next dinner or upcoming gathering.

Want to learn more about our Maryland soft shell crabs for sale? Reach out to Harbour House Crabs for additional information on our premium seafood and to make an order.