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At 6+ inches, The female blue crab is known by watermen as a "Sook". Many people claim that the meat from a female crab is sweeter in taste. Once you've tried the succulent meat from a Maryland Blue crab you will be hooked forever. The crabs can be ordered steamed, with or without seasoning. 

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How to Steam Live Crabs/Re-steam Crabs

When your live crabs arrive it is important that you steam them as soon as possible. Heat a large pot with approximately 2 inches of water on the bottom. Place a rack or steaming basket in the pot to keep the crabs out of the water. Wait until steam is apparent before placing the crabs in the pot. Sprinkle crab seasoning on the crabs to your liking and then cover with a lid. Let the crabs steam for 5 to 10 minutes after steam pushes out from under the lid. The crabs will turn a shade of orange when cooked throughout.  Follow the same steps as above but for less time. Please look at the chart below for recommended steam times. 

How to Steam Maryland Blue Crabs 

 HHC Crab Seasoning Ingredients  - Salt, Spices and Paprika

Did you know....

  • The mature (adult) female crab is also known as a "Sook" crab.

  • The immature female crab is also known as a "Sally" crab and is not legal to harvest.

Female Crab Harvest

Blue crabs are typically sold at the dock as bushel crabs or picking crabs. The bushel crabs are sent to retailers or restaurants who sell them either live or steamed. The picking crabs are sold to crab picking houses where they are steamed and picked for their meat. In most cases any excess basket crabs that have not been sold to retail stores are then sold to the crab picking houses. On average more than 75% of the crabs picked for fresh and pasteurized crab meat are female crabs. This means that more than 75% of the crab meat used in restaurants for crab cakes and other recipes have come from the female crab.


Large Female Hard Shell Crabs

When it comes to savoring the flavors of the sea, nothing quite compares to the succulent goodness of large female hard shell crabs. All over the world, large female hard shell crabs are renowned for their sweet, delicate meat, and at Harbour House Crabs, we offer a wide selection of steamed and raw large female hard shell crabs, shipped right to your door!

Whether you're a seafood connoisseur or just looking to elevate your culinary game, these beauties from the deep blue waters of Maryland are a true delight. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about these female crabs, from how to enjoy them boiled or steamed to mouthwatering recipes that will leave your taste buds dancing!

Why Female Crabs Are Tastier

There's a clear winner in the battle of the sexes when it comes to male crabs vs. females. Females are often considered tastier than male crabs for a simple biological reason: instead of growing larger claws like male crabs do, female crabs allocate their resources to reproduction. The result? Plumper, richer meat that provides a smoother, more satisfying texture, making females the preferred choice among lovers of soft and hard crabs alike. So, when you savor the deliciousness of a female crab, you're experiencing the outcome of Mother Nature's culinary craftsmanship!

Enjoy Fresh Raw or Steamed Crabs

Habour House Crabs is the best place to buy Maryland blue crabs online and have them shipped right to your door — and one of the joys of indulging in Maryland blue crabs is the choice between enjoying them raw or steamed. Whether you enjoy the experience of ordering raw crabs and cooking them in a pot yourself or you prefer buying them steamed and ready to eat, the experience is unforgettable!

A bushel of crabs contains 5 to 5.5 dozen large hard crabs. When you order a bushel, crabs are packed based on weight, so the number of crabs in a bushel depends on the size of each crab. We also sell hard crabs by the dozen, so if you need a specific number of hard crabs, we recommend ordering by the dozen rather than by the bushel.

Steamed Crabs

Steamed crabs are a seafood lover's dream come true. The process involves cooking your hard or soft shell crabs with a blend of seasonings that infuses every bite with mouthwatering flavor. The average blue crab weighs about half a pound, making them the perfect size for steaming. We can pre-steam the crabs for you before they are shipped, or you can do it yourself — a large pot, some water, and a generous helping of crab seasoning (such as the iconic Old Bay spice) is all you need to whip up a bushel of crabby goodness, a dozen or so crabs at a time!

To reheat steamed crabs after they've been refrigerated or frozen, wrap each crab in a damp paper towel and heat for a few minutes in the microwave (30-second intervals are best). You can also steam the crabs briefly until they're heated through.

Raw Crabs

If you're feeling adventurous and want to cook your large female hard shell crabs from scratch, you can order raw blue crabs online from Harbour House Crabs. After all, fresh crabs steam the most effectively and taste the best! Shipping times east of the Mississippi River are typically just 1-2 days, with all other US orders shipping in just 2-4. That's right... our crabs practically come right from the dock to your doorstep!

Even with our fast and careful shipping process, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your crab cooking experience is as successful as possible. When your raw Maryland crabs arrive at your door, they will be packed in dry ice and gel packs. Handle them with care and keep them in a cool, but not frozen, place. It's best to keep them covered with damp paper towels so they stay fresh. We will include specific instructions on the best methods to keep your crabs fresh when you order them. 

To steam your large female crabs, you'll need a large pot of boiling water and your choice of seasonings. Some enthusiasts prefer to use crab boil for their hard crabs, while others stick to the classic Old Bay seasoning.

Female Maryland Blue Crab Recipes

Now that you know how to prepare large female hard shell crabs, it's never a bad idea to order a few dozen (or a whole bushel) for your next special event! We promise our Maryland hard crabs will create a memorable culinary experience.

Try these delectable recipes:

Crab Cakes

Combine female blue crab meat with a mix of breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, and seasoning like paprika, garlic powder, and Italian herbs. Form into patties and pan-fry until golden brown, then serve with melted butter for a mouthwatering treat.

Crab Salad

Once you've cracked open your large female crabs and extracted the tasty meat inside, create a refreshing crab salad by tossing crab meat with diced celery, onions, and a light lemon dressing. 

Crab and Lobster Rolls

Combine crab and lobster meat for the ultimate seafood experience. Pile the mixture into buttered, toasted rolls for a delicious sandwich.

Crab Soup

Cook crab claw meat in fish broth with onions, garlic, celery, potatoes, Old Bay seasoning, and other spices to taste for a hearty and warming soup that's perfect for any season.

Hungry for more crab culinary creations? Find soft and hard crab recipes by the dozen in our cookbook, or peruse the Internet to find great crab dishes. The sea's the limit!

The Best Place to Buy Maryland Blue Crabs Online!

Large female hard shell crabs are a culinary delight that every seafood lover should experience. Whether you prefer your blue crabs pre-steamed to perfection or enjoy cooking raw crabs,  Harbour House Crabs is your go-to-source for delicious large female crabs.


We offer a wide selection of steamed and raw large female hard shell crabs, along with many other seafood offerings including heavyweight hard shell crabs, shrimp, and lobster tail, ensuring you receive the best of the Chesapeake Bay. With our careful packaging and efficient shipping, your crabs will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be cooked to perfection in your own kitchen.  So, roll up your sleeves, grab your crab mallet and paper towels, and get ready to savor the flavor of these delectable crustaceans. Your seafood feast awaits!