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About Our Whale Soft Crabs

5 1/2 - 6 inches. One of America's favorite seafood delicacies. Caught just after shedding their hard outer shell (called "molting"), our crabs are carefully selected for their superior quality and size. The soft shell crabs are cleaned, frozen, and ready to be prepared to your liking. 

Our soft shell crabs are cleaned and ready to cook.

  • - Heat oil in a large skillet.
  • - Next combine salt and flour in one bowl and 2 eggs beaten in another.
  • - Dip your soft shell in the egg bath then coat with the flour mixture or a soft shell batter.
  • - Place the crabs in the oil and let cook for approximately 4 minutes on each side.
  • - The shell will turn red and crisp and the batter a golden brown. Place the soft shell on a paper towel covered plate to absorb any extra oil.
  • - Serve as a sandwich or as a main course meal.


A crab becomes a soft shell when it goes through a molting phase. This means the crab is forming a new larger soft shell under its hard shell. The crab then sheds the hard shell and becomes a soft shell. Crabs only stay a soft shell for a few hours which make it more difficult to catch soft shells. Soft shells are in season May through October but you can get them frozen all year long.

Buy Whale Soft Shell Crabs Online From Anywhere in the US

No matter where you're from, Harbour House Crabs make it easy to enjoy hearty white meat from whale soft shell crabs. The value of fresh and tasty soft shell crab meat cannot be replicated, and we know that our customers can certainly tell when their meat isn't up to par. Therefore, we go above and beyond to streamline the whale soft shell crabs shipping process. Our shipping center is only a mile away, meaning your crabs will be packed up and shipped without much delay.

Our team also takes our time during the packing process to ensure your crab meat is not only well-prepared but safe and stable enough for the journey ahead. Your products are carefully maintained and packed in a cooler with gel packs, and we ensure you have affordable and high-quality shipping options that keep your crab meat in good hands. We do this all to guarantee that from the start of the soft shell crab delivery process and until your final meal is prepped, your crabs aren't seeping any of their excellent taste.

Learn more about our whale soft shell blue crabs or our delivery process by reaching out to Harbour House Crabs today.