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Military Discount

Crab and Seafood Online Military Discount

Military Discount on Crabs and Seafood 

Attention Military Members: Active duty and veteran military members get 15% off their entire crab and seafood purchase with Harbour House Crabs' military discount. We are honored to extend this discounted price to all those who give so much to protect our freedom.

To qualify, please complete the brief form below to verify your military service. Once received, our customer service team will reach out with further details on how to redeem your military discount for crabs and seafood. Harbour House Crabs' active duty and veteran discount offers are available year-round. It does not apply to gift cards, previous purchases, or with other promos.



Thank You for Your Service! Here’s a Military Discount on Us! 

Being a part of the military is not just a job; it's a service that demands a lot of dedication, courage, and sacrifice. That's why we at Harbour House Crabs want to take a moment to say, "Thank you for your service!" We are thrilled to offer a military discount on crabs and seafood to show our appreciation. It's our way of expressing gratitude to all the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. We hope this token of appreciation can bring a smile to your face and remind you that your courage will never go unappreciated. So, get an active-duty or veteran discount on your crabs and enjoy fresh meat, fast shipping, and tons of other options accessible only through Harbour House Crabs.

Buy Our Best Selling Crabs & Seafood With a Military Discount

Harbour House Crabs' military discount gives you access to our best-selling crabs and seafood at even more affordable rates! Score big-time savings today! Get your military discount on crab cakes, crab meat, lobster tails, and more from our amazing selection of foods. Check out our bestsellers, or take a look at some of our other crab options below:



Looking for more information on Harbour House Crabs' active-duty and veteran discount options? Get in touch with us today! We'll break down everything from shipping to finding the perfect recipe with your military discount on seafood and crabs!

We Offer Much More Than Just Crab Discounts for Veterans & Active-Duty

Our military discounts on crabs and seafood are the main attraction, but they aren't the only things that separate Harbour House Crabs. Anyone can offer military or active-duty discount foods, but no one does it like we do! Our all-inclusive deals come with free shipping, and that's nothing to slouch at. Our state-of-the-art shipping process keeps your crab meat secure from beginning to end. We package your meat safely, and our shipping partners are located just one mile away, ensuring the highest level of freshness. You may be getting a crab or seafood discount for veterans, but that doesn't mean we discount the quality of your choice. So fill out our form and start sifting through your military discount for seafood and crabs today!

Get Discounted Seafood & Crabs Delivered to Your Home

Are you a veteran? Do you find yourself searching for the highest-quality seafood straight from the shores of Maryland? Well, Harbour House Crabs is for you! Our military discounts for seafood and crabs are as delicious as they come, and we offer tons of options for all. And with those options comes a wonderful active-duty discount for all your options. Get military discount crab cakes, crab meat, lobster tails, and more with a deal that rewards you for your dedication to our homeland.

Learn more about our crab and seafood discount for veterans and get access to the food of your dreams! Contact Harbour House Crabs and ask about our military discount on crabs and seafood today! We sincerely thank all veterans, active duty service members, and their families, and we hope you enjoy your crabs for years to come!