The Incredible Benefits of Crab Meat

02/03/23 3:51PM

You probably already know that crab meat is known for its exceptional flavor and versatility in the kitchen (check out our piece on how to eat blue crab for some ideas). But did you know it also comes with a range of health benefits? Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and protein, crab meat can help you keep your brain, bones, and teeth healthy — and the benefits don’t stop there! Read on to learn more about the incredible health benefits that crab meat can provide.

Good Source of Lean Protein

Crab meat is an excellent source of lean protein, supporting healthy muscle growth and maintenance. Protein is especially important for athletes and others with energetic lifestyles who require a higher intake of calories to fuel their activities. Along with providing your body with energy, this high-quality source of protein helps you feel fuller for longer, making it an ideal choice for weight management.

Rich in Nutrients

Crab meat is an impressive source of micronutrients that the human body needs to function properly. Vitamins A, B12, C, and E, as well as numerous minerals like zinc and iron, can all be found in crab meat. Vitamin A helps boost the immune system and promote bone health, while B12 is instrumental in keeping your nervous system functioning optimally. Vitamin C promotes efficient wound healing, and vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Additionally, the minerals found in crab meat are integral for proper organ function, especially when it comes to building red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body.

Low Fat Content

Yet another one of the many health benefits of crab meat is that it’s low in fat, which makes crab meat a healthier option compared to other kinds of seafood or animal meats such as beef or pork. When crab meat is substituted for one of these higher-fat meat options, it can help lower the risk of heart disease and the risk of heart attacks. As well as being less calorific than other sources of protein, crabs contain no cholesterol whatsoever, making them suitable for those following a strict low-cholesterol diet or who have high cholesterol levels due to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease.

Cognitive Benefits

Scientific research suggests eating crab meat aids brain development. Regular consumption of crab meat has been associated with better cognitive performance and improved mental well-being. This is because crab meat includes omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to boost mental activity. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in crab meat and other crustaceans have been linked to improved cognitive function and lessened symptoms related to depression and anxiety disorders. 

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