Creating a Crab Feast: How to Host a Memorable Seafood Gathering

06/08/23 12:45PM

There's something uniquely satisfying about gathering around a table covered in newspaper, armed with crab mallets and crab crackers, ready to indulge in a scrumptious feast of blue crabs. Hosting a crab feast is not just about eating crabs; it's a celebration of Maryland's culinary tradition and a chance to create lasting memories with friends and family. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to host a memorable seafood gathering that will have everyone picking crabs with delight!

Set the Stage for a Crabtastic Experience

To create an authentic feast atmosphere to accompany your Maryland crabs, start by setting the table covered in newspaper or butcher paper. This not only makes cleanup a breeze but also adds to the casual and fun vibe of the gathering. Provide plenty of paper towels and wet wipes for messy fingers and crab shells. As for seating, opt for picnic-style tables or large communal tables where everyone can gather around, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

The Main Attraction: Blue Crabs Galore!

Of course, the star of the show is the blue crab. Order a generous amount of seasoned and steamed blue crabs from Harbour House Crabs, ensuring everyone has plenty to feast on. Steamed crabs are a popular choice as they are ready to eat right out of the box or you can steam for five minutes to warm them up and they are ready to go. Enjoy a traditional Maryland crab feast recipe and enjoy the best crab meat the East Coast has to offer! Don't forget to provide crab mallets and crab crackers for cracking those delectable crab shells and extracting the succulent meat.

Delightful Side Dishes to Complement the Crabs

While crabs take center stage, it's important to have delicious side dishes that complement the feast. Serve traditional favorites like corn on the cob, steamed red potatoes, and coleslaw. The sweetness of the corn perfectly balances the savory flavors of the crabs, and the potatoes provide a hearty accompaniment. For those seeking more variety, consider offering additional seafood options like shrimp or clams.

Mastering the Art of Eating Crabs

For those unfamiliar with eating crabs, provide a brief tutorial on the art of crab picking. Show your guests how to carefully crack open the crab shells and extract the meat. Encourage them to savor every bite and take their time. Eating crabs is not just about the food—it's an experience that brings people together, fostering laughter and friendly competition as they compare their crab-picking skills.

Create a Memorable Atmosphere

Enhance the overall ambiance by playing upbeat music in the background. Choose lively tunes that reflect the coastal vibe and get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Don't forget to decorate the space with nautical elements like fishing nets, seashells, or even mini crab traps. These small touches add a festive charm and make the gathering even more memorable.

A Feast to Remember

Hosting a crab feast is an opportunity to gather loved ones, embrace the Maryland crab feast tradition, and create cherished memories. With a table covered in newspaper, a bounty of blue crabs, and delightful side dishes, you're well on your way to an unforgettable seafood gathering. So, grab your crab mallets and crab crackers, invite your favorite people, and get ready to indulge in a feast that will leave everyone craving more. At Harbour House Crabs, we're here to provide you with the freshest and finest blue crabs for your next crab-tastic gathering, so don’t wait to place your order today! We’re looking forward to helping you make amazing memories.