Maryland blue crabs from Harbour House Crabs

What Makes Maryland Blue Crabs Better Than Other Crabs?

04/12/22 9:29PM

Ahh, crabs. Who doesn’t like to crack open a few of the world’s best crabs, hang with some good people, and make weekend memories that last a lifetime? Marylanders love their Blue Crabs, and so do many others worldwide. Blue crabs aren’t just found in Maryland, so what makes crab enthusiasts quiver at the sight of Maryland’s finest seafood dish? 

Location, variety, and means of preparation are a part of an equation that, when added together, brings Maryland residents together like no other. So next time you crack open a delicious crab, remember why yours is better than all the others. 

The “Mustard”

That sweet, sweet mustard. A staple of Maryland crabs, the hepatopancreas is the scientific name for the fatty yellow liquid that crab consumers fight for. What makes it so unique, though, is that the climate helps improve the taste and amount of fat located in the crabs.

Maryland blue crabs hibernate in the Chesapeake Bay throughout winter, which allows them the luxury of building additional fat reserves that have a distinct look and taste. In fact, many crab consumers state they can tell the difference between Maryland blue crabs and other crabs simply by looking at the color of the yellow fat. Maryland’s finest have a darker and deeper yellow shade, while other crabs have a much brighter shade of yellow.

Food Options Galore

What can’t you eat with Maryland blue crabs? The variety the entree presents is unmatched for a dish, and no matter how you like your crab, you can find a way that suits all your needs. If you don’t like using your hands to get to the crab meat, you can always get cream of crab soup. If crab dip isn’t your thing, try a Maryland jumbo lump crab cake and see if that soothes your taste buds. You won’t ever be lacking in options when it comes to Maryland blue crabs.

Preparation Process

The preparation process of Maryland blue crabs adds another element of satisfaction for consumers. Most crab connoisseurs along the east coast tend to boil their crabs. Maryland blue crabs are steamed, and Marylanders believe this allows for variety in how the crab cooks, creating a different sensation in every bite. Boiling crabs create a meal that has an even distribution of seasoning on the crab, resulting in a bland crab taste for Marylanders.

Community Togetherness

What better way to bond as a community than through crab pride! Maryland blue crabs are a tradition that residents share all around the state. Enjoying the sweet taste of a blue crab with a couple of friends or even a few strangers is a great way to enjoy your days in Maryland. Mention blue crabs to a stranger, and you’ll probably crank out a good length conversation and learn a few crab facts you never thought you’d know. Either way, remember that when in Maryland, blue crabs are the dish you surely don’t want to miss.

Try Some Maryland Blue Crabs and See What You’ve Been Missing!

If you notice your mouth watering, it might be time to indulge in the Maryland blue crabs’ deliciousness. There are many options to choose from, but you can never go wrong getting your crabs from a reputable crab enthusiast like Harbour House Crabs. 

Marylanders have tough taste buds, and they demand blue crabs that are up to par. In business for over 20 years shows you that our crabs mean business. Get your Maryland crab meat shipped with our proprietary blend of seasonings or wonderful Obryci’s seasoning and feast on a meal you and your family are sure to enjoy. For more information about the best way to eat Maryland blue crabs, contact us today!