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Seasoning - Obrycki's

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Obrycki's original (and secret) blend of seasonings. Especially delicious on crabs and shrimp, this magical blend also enhances the flavor of other foods. Sprinkle on fish, chicken, corn on the cob, tomatoes and potatoes. Add it to soup, season a salad, perk up your meatloaf or make a mean Bloody Mary. Use your imagination. Sold in 1 lb. containers. Contains no MSG.

Prep & Ingredients

How to Steam Live Crabs/Re-steam Crabs

When your live crabs arrive it is important that you steam them as soon as possible. Heat a large pot with approximately 2 inches of water on the bottom. Place a rack or steaming basket in the pot to keep the crabs out of the water. Wait unitl steam is apparent before placing the crabs in the pot. Sprinkle crab seasoning on the crabs to your liking and then cover with a lid. Let the crabs steam for 5 to 10 minutes after steam pushes out from unter the lid. The crabs will turn a shade of orange when cooked thoughout.  Follow the same steps as above but for less time. Please look at chart below for reccomended steam times. 

 Steam Times: 

                                     1 Dozen               Half Bushel             Full Bushel

Live Crabs                    20-25 min.            25-30 min.              35-45 min. 

Re-Steaming                4-5 min                 8-10 min                  8-10 min    

*Make sure there is always enough water in the pot to prevent scorching.  Steam times mary vary.


Obrycki Seasoning Ingredients  - Salt, and other spices

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