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Oysters - Maryland Local

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Maryland Oysters
To prepare Oysters on the half shell clean the shells thoroughly and remove any deposits. After the oysters are clean hold an oyster firmly in your hand over a bowl. Insert an oyster knife between the top and bottom of the oyster shell, twist the knife to pry open the shell. Cut through the hinge muscle to dislodge the oyster from the top shell leaving it in the bottom shell to serve. Serve immediately with hot sauce, crackers and lemon wedges.
Any oyster can produce a pearl. If an object such as a grain of sand gets into an oyster and irritates it the oyster produces a mixture of calcium and protein which is called nacre. Over a period of years this substance builds up and creates a pearl.

Local Maryland Oysters.

The Oysters are meaty with a firm texture and delicious unique flavor. Makes make a great side dish or appetizer.