Best Oysters


03/17/23 1:15PM

The how-to on shucking fresh oysters. Feel free to add any flavoring you want when opened!

• Scrub the oysters with a stiff brush and rinse.
• Place the oyster on a towel in the palm of your hand to prevent cutting yourself.
• Work over a shallow bowl so you can catch the juices.
• Hold the oyster with the rounded side down and the flatter side up.
• One end of the oyster is rounded, and the other is hinged. Insert an oyster knife into the
hinge, and twist. Some oysters are easier to open than others. If it is resistant, insert the
oyster knife deeper into the hinge and twist.
• Finish opening the shell by using the oyster knife around the perimeter.
• Scrape down the bottom of the oyster to remove it from the grasp of the shell.
• Your oyster is now ready to be enjoyed!


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