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For over two decades, Harbour House Crabs has taken great pride in delivering only the finest Maryland Blue Crabs and Premium Seafood All Across the USA. Catering to distant Maryland Crab Lovers that miss the “sweet taste” they love so much is what we do best. Each order is hand selected fresh from the Eastern shore, Perfectly seasoned, steamed to order, packaged with care and shipped overnight anywhere in the country the same day.

Our Founder, Curt Engle has always had a love for the water and treasures all the enjoyable times spent on the Chesapeake Bay. His fondest memories are of the many Maryland Crab Feasts where he shared great times with his family and friends.

After relocating only a short distance away he found himself scouring the streets for the sweet, succulent flavor of the freshly steamed and seasoned Maryland Blue Crabs he enjoyed when boating. Quickly realizing there was nowhere to get the taste he loved near his home and frustrated with his options, he decided to take matters into his own hands and Harbour House Crabs was born!