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How To Cook Succulent Crab

Harbour House Crabs Reveals Their Top Ways To Cook Fresh Caught Crabs

When you buy Maryland crabs, you want to make sure that you have the right recipes to make them mouth-watering delicious. This makes cooking them up and having something delicious to use to your advantage that much easier. You can ensure that the crab meat you cook is cooked to perfection and that it is made with your audience in mind.

Steaming the King Crab

You will want to use a colander and large pot filled with water, make sure to have a lid handy. Put the king  crab in the colander and place over the water on the stove at high heat and bring the water to a boil. You will want to put the lid on the top. steam for 5 to 8 minutes and remove from the colander using tongs. Be careful not to burn yourself! Serve with melted butter, warm and delicious!

Crab Eggs Benedict

Everyone loves delicious eggs and when you can add crab to the mix, you’re in business with this easy to make, delicious recipe. Grab 1 crab cake, 1 poached egg, pre-prepared hollandaise sauce and 1 teaspoon chopped chives. Heat the crab cake in a skillet and put the poached egg on top of it. Heat up the sauce in a pan and drizzle it over the warm cake and egg. Sprinkle the chives over for garnish and enjoy!

Crab Rolls

Everyone loves a crab roll! They’re extremely easy to prepare and serve. If you have people coming over, want to feed your family or just want to make something quick and delicious then these are a great option to go with. You’ll need 2 teaspoons of mayo, 1 cup of fresh crab, 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter, 2 hot dog rolls and a pinch of salt. Always make sure to purchase fresh crab meat when preparing any crab dish. You need to prepare the crab by boiling it in the water and then removing the meat for the rolls. Chill the meat before you make the rolls. Mix the meat with the mayo and add salt to taste. Spread butter on the outside of the rolls and then grill them on a hot pan. Fill the rolls with the crab mix and enjoy warm.

High-Quality Crab Meat

Creating something from the crab meat is always a good thing to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you choose the right recipe that is going to give you exactly what it is that you need out of a meal. Many choose crab for a delicious meal option. Whatever you choose to do, always choose high-quality, fresh crab meat to make all of your meals from. When the time comes to purchase the crabs you need for all of these delicious ways to cook them, make sure to check us out. We can provide you with as many crabs as you need, at a great price and always provided fresh. Grab the catch of the day today!


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