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The Best Place to Eat Crabs is on Chesapeake Bay

Harbour House Crabs Shows You The Best Way To Cook Fresh Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs

The “blue crab bounty” is a timeless treasure and past time for so many that live and visit Maryland; so much so that they don’t feel like things are complete without experiencing the taste of blue crab every year. With a better taste than regular crabs, blue crab is something that so many remember fondly about the area. Residents look forward to crabbing season every year and often invite their non-local friends and relatives to enjoy the bounty. Trying fresh Maryland blue crabs is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives, whether they live in Maryland or are just passing through. Thankfully, Harbour House Crabs offers fresh blue crab delivery throughout the United States, allowing anyone to get freshly caught and steamed crabs direct in just two days or less.

Cooking the Perfect Blue Crab

Some like to get their blue crabs steamed and delivered, some like to catch and cook their own blue crabs, and some like a little of both. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you follow the proper cooking instructions in order to get the most delicious blue crabs possible.

Here are some of the best tips for cooking blue crabs right in your own home:

  • Get a large, tall steam pot with a basket to keep the crabs above the water line. Make sure that your pot has a lid to keep the steam in!
  • Whether you should use water or beer to steam your crabs is debatable. Some of the best cooks even recommend a mixture of water, beer, and vinegar. This allows the crabs to steam more succulently while adding to the overall flavor.
  • Live crabs taste the best when steamed, but some people prefer to lightly freeze their crabs first in order to put them in a more manageable and comatose state.
  • You can also choose to season or not season your crabs as you please. There is a lot of debate on whether you should season your crabs before or after steaming, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Enjoying Freshly Delivered Crabs Like A Local

Once you cook the crab, you can then enjoy the crab. Just make sure to crack it and eat it like a local. This is important because it adds to the experience. Always start with the legs, use plenty of napkins to clean things up a bit, and make sure to open the body of the crab because you can’t waste that part. There is edible crab on the sides of the inside. Make sure to remove gray bits on the inside that are inedible.

The locals have a specific way to put your face in and enjoy these parts, though some may not want to eat them. Always make sure to work the meat out of the claw of the crab with a knife instead of a mallet so you don’t leave bits of the shell behind in the meat.

Get Chesapeake Blue Crabs Today

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