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Do You Know How to Shuck an Oyster?

How To Eat Your Succulent Oysters, Delivered Fresh From Harbour House

Oysters are delicious, let’s face it. However, shucking them, like opening crab legs, can be a tough thing to do. Doing it the correct way can actually be something worth learning, especially if oysters are something you enjoy eating. These oysters are an ideal way to impress your guests too, so making sure that you know how to shuck them for the benefit of your guests is important too. Plus, you don’t even have to make them! You can get fresh oysters delivered right to your door, as well as steamed crabs and other tasty ocean treats, thanks to Harbour House Crabs.

Choosing the quality of the oysters, then pairing them with a crisp light beer or white wine is the way to go. Some even say champagne is an ideal pairing when looking at this appetizer that has everyone passing around the plate.

Oysters are actually great for the environment and one of the healthiest things you can eat.

Choosing Fresh Oysters From Harbour House Crabs

Always purchase the live oysters which are clamped tightly shut. If they are not and you tap on them and they do not close automatically, you don’t want them. If they smell like any type of fish, you don’t want them. They should smell clean and like the ocean. They should be well chilled and stored cup side down.

Storing Your Oysters

Proper oyster storage is imperative for keeping them fresh and delicious. Store them in the fridge, cup side down, with a damp cloth over the top of the container. Do not cover the container with plastic wrap. They can stay like this for up to a week, but no more.

They should be scrubbed clean before serving and served only with a bit of lemon juice or a tiny bit of cocktail sauce. There is also a specially made sauce called mignonette.

Shucking Oysters

Keep the oysters as cold as possible during the process. Fold a kitchen towel up so that you can use it to hold onto the oyster while you open them. Always serve on ice, whether in a half shell or out of it.

The flat side of the oyster is the top and the belly is the bottom. Hold onto the oyster using the towel and point the hinge to your dominant hand. You will then want to hold it up so that the knife is able to get into that hinge to crack it open. You may have to wiggle the knife in there and work with it to get it to crack open and work. There is a sweet spot to hit and the oyster will make a popping sound and open up.

You will want to remove the muscle that holds the shell in place, throw out the top of the shell and inspect to make sure that the muscle is in good shape and clean.

Now that you know the skill or the art of shucking oysters, you can impress just about anyone that you come across when you have a plate in front of you, and everyone is ready to dig in and enjoy a delicious snack that really brings the mood out. Oysters are one of those treats that really have a lot to offer.

Get Fresh Oyster Delivery

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